Mortgage rates to hit back to the highs of the 80's ?

Given that banks are now increasing mortgage rates and will have to continue to make any margin of profit over deposits, would it be right to say mortgage rates may hit the likes of 10-15% in the long-term? These were the rates in the 80’s and the new financial regulator chief seems to be giving a good indication that low level rates are going to be abolished and rates are likely to return to normal levels for lending. The likes of €200,000 mortgages should not be affordable without a good chunk of savins and rightly so.

Unlikely, because rates should not have to go that high to have the desired effect (e.g. lowering inflation, curtailing credit expansion etc).
Well, in theory anyway …

NAMA & Deficit = Govt spending crowding out = high real interest rates anyway

Won’t the banks have this mysterious NAMA levy to repay too? ROFL