Mortgages to the value of €1.3 billion drawn down in Q4 (IT)

If there were 7,583 mortgages drawn down in Q4 and the PPR shows 15,355 transactions for Q4 (I know draw down dates wont match exactly with transaction dates but should be close enough) does that mean that more than 50% of all properties were purchased for cash?

Difficult to say. Presumably if a property consortium takes out a commercial loan to buy a dozen residential properties, that will show up as 1 mortgage or no mortgage but 12 individual transactions.

I’m also not sure whether, for example, property transferred between family members or bequeathed in a will, will show up in the property price register with the market price listed for stamp duty purposes.

Equally, if I remortgage my property that will count as a new mortgage but there will be no property transfer registered on the PPR.

So one could surmise that somewhere around 50% of property transactions don’t involve a residential mortgage; whether that means they are purchased for cash is difficult to know.

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