Most over/under-rated (& priced) areas in Dublin

See Daft report on highest priced areas in Dublin

Which areas in Dublin are most over-rated (and over-priced) to live in?

And which are under-rated, or up and coming?

Any opinions?
I suppose I’m personally most interested in middle class areas in Dublin south that don’t have a high reputation, but are actually quite nice really.

Ehhh don’t you mean *down and going *? :angry:

Most under-rated;

Dun Laoghaire [Marina, Shopping etc add to the appeal of the area while some people seem to think it ditracts from it for various reasons]

Most Over-Rated;

Shrewsbury Road [A nice road in the middle of a very non-discript area with nothing going on around it. I mean the equivalent roads in London / Paris etc all are next to massive Parks, Shopping, Museums, Opera Houses etc. Shrewsbury Road is walking distance to the Tesco in the Merrion Centre and thats about it!]

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Ballsbridge generally. Herbert Park is nice otherwise very little in Ballsbridge. Poxy Spar shop on Merrion Road sums it up.

(But I do like a very occasional visit to the Ice Bar in the Four Seasons) 8DD

Overrated - Foxrock

Underrated - Rialto, It’s close to the city centre, it’s cleaned up a lot over the last five years, there’s a huge hospital closeby, the Luas line makes getting into town quick and easy, kilmainham is nearby, if you’re from outside Dublin it’s handy for Heuston station, the N4 and N7, I believe it has a decent butchers and a few other passable takeaways.

Was in there some time ago and never in my life (and I travel a lot) have I seen so many drugged up hookers.


Rathmines. Still too expensive though.

+1 - lived there for several years, ok I suppose in terms of distance to south dublin coast etc., UCD, but in itself pretty ordinary although with an inflated sense of self worth. Like its inhabitants really.

Ballsbridge: Nice houses but no atmosphere
Inland Killiney: too far out from city and only the coastal part of Killiney is nice

Palmerstown: maturing well, great bus service, inside M50, close (by car) to Liffey Valley SC, not too far from city centre, close to scenic areas like Phoenix Park and strawberry beds etc. Chapelizod: Pretty, and all of the above also, but loses marks for not having a supermarket/ shopping centre
Glasnevin: around the Botanic Gardens area is gorgeous!

I’d argue that expensive/rich areas are nearly always overrated.

I have a relation who is a diplomat, he’s lived in ‘upmarket’ neighbourhoods around the world. Leaving a side one in the developing world (High walls security guards!). They are usually relatively poorly served by public transport, quiet/boring and have comparatively little commercial activity. Plus the people tend not to be particularly open or friendly. I think the same is true of some places in Dublin. Not much going on in Foxrock or Kiliney. I know its a very small area but Taylor’s Hill in Galway doesn’t have a single shop .

In Dublin I think some small parts of older suburbs have a bad rep which they got 30 years ago. Some of these ‘mature’ (ex-?)corpo estates are actually in nice well serviced areas and are no longer rough. A friend of mine rents cheaply in one such place in Rathfarnham.

Also,Tallaght -lots of people like livving there

"Now, I’ve seen a lot of drugged up hookers in my time but…

On the northside, I’d say Raheny is generally under-rated. Near enough to the coast, a few decent schools, St Anne’s park, village. Plenty of buses pass through and there’s a DART station. It’s not amazing but the price difference with Clontarf is too large.

As often said by others here, Malahide has hilarious notions about itself. Very nice village, good pubs etc. but it’s not the centre of the universe (as many of its inhabitants seem to think). The premium is too high given that it’s a long way from anywhere other than Malahide. Most housing is not very near the train station, and going to town is a major excursion. Miss the last bus or DART and face a 60 minute magical Nightlink tour of Feltrim en route to the village.

Southside: the attraction of Sandyford is lost on me. Again, it has been well documented here, but the massive supply of new apartments in that area make the asking prices truly laughable. And its biggest attractions are proximity to the M50 and N11. Same goes for Leopardstown. Stillorgan is also a bit pricey for somewhere so dull. (It’s fine but unspectacular: a world of semi-D estates asking half a million euro a pop.)

Agree that Palmerstown is under-rated. Suffers from its proximity to Ballyfermot but public transport is excellent and, if you like motorways (!), it’s on the M50 and M4 so* reasonably* handy to town, the airport and the West. Doesn’t have a great village centre any more.

Yes but would you? :nin

I had a relation in the beacon hospital that I was visiting a lot recently.

To me Sandyford is just bizarre vandalism.

Its both high rise and and spread out over miles!

Mostly I drove - a few times I walked from “Stillorgan” luas stop to the beacon.
There are loads of sports fields near the Luas stop with no development and then lots of high rises quite far away from the luas.

I don’t think there is any attraction to sandyford !

I would agree that thats true in most of the Upmarket parts of Dublin (Foxrock in particular has about 4 small shops and a petrol station), but in other cities I would disagree. Places like Kensington in London, Upper West Side in Manhattan, 1-6th arrondissement in Paris have much more than you could ever ask for in terms of things to do, well maintained parks / places to visit / cafe’s restaurants etc, all within walking distance. They are all very richly served by public transport. Granted they are generally large touristy areas, so people will walk over you if you fell on the pavement in front of them!

Seems to me that people for whom Dundrum is the centre of the universe have moved to Sandyford (and even Stepaside) because it’s relatively affordable and “handy to everything” (in Dundrum; like their mam’s house). The prices are even madder than the mad prices elsewhere.

Same story in Malahide/Portmarnock. Those who grew up there and can’t afford a semi-d in the area are looking to cheaper property in Swords and Kinsealy even though the former will be in ten years time where Tallaght was ten years ago; and the latter is a collection of semi-rural backroads with a bunch of new developments dotted around industrial parks.

The biggest planning disaster in the boom-times was that places like Stepaisde were allowed to balloon in size with very little added in terms of amenities etc. I mean Stepaisde town centre seems to have 1 extra shop from 20 years ago, serving a gazillion extra homes

Sutton seems underrated to me, lovely area, serviced well for transport and by the sea; while Booterstown is overrated, the sea is blocked by the Dart and there are no amenities - none.

Till you get caught in the traffic bottleneck of howth junciton. On a sunny day it suddenly becomes highly rated!

Belgard/Kingswood area of Tallaght is actually quite reasonable to live in.

Rahney/Artane are also perfectly fine areas to live in.

South-east county Dublin is definitely overrated (for the prices they’re charging).