Mou here, mou there, mou everywhere...

Here’s the latest: … ul2011.pdf

Timetable for asset sales too according to 9 news.

Methinks the gloves are off…

what is the point of having a muppet/puppet govenment considering we are now a vassal state of the Fourth Reich? Not one panzer had to roll into dublin and yet they control everything.

I see the property tax is to be increased in 2012 budget… no mention on that on RTE news… don’t want to spook the buyers now, do we?

Also for 2012 1,100,000,000 in tax rises, 2,000,000,000 in expenditure cuts.

Annex 1 is flipping amazing. They’ve basically said “your data is shite, this is what we want”. By publication, I presume they mean publshed to the public. It won’t be the first time that I’ve been disappointed by this belief.

I do wish we could leave the Godwins at the door. This isn’t the Sunday Independent.

Statutory credit register by September 2012… will this see an end to the debt monkeys? We must organise a campaign to save them from extinction. Maybe we could set up zoos for them in the UK, Australia, Canada…

I missed the news, I presume Bord Gais ESB Coillte etc any idea of what TIme framie they mentioned

Nice time for this news to be released… Friday evening of a Bank Holiday Weekend.

Missed this bit first time through:
By Q1 2012:
“Government will introduce legislation to reform the personal debt regime to the Houses of the Oireachtas with the objective of lowering the cost and increase [sic] the speed and efficiency of proceedings, while at the same time mitigating moral hazard and maintaining credit discipline”.
That can only mean lose the house, lose the outstanding debt beyond ability to pay.

No names mentioned, the relevant bit is:
“Government will consider options for an ambitious programme of asset disposals, based on the Programme for Government and the report of the Review Group on State Assets and Liabilities. Government will prepare a draft programme of asset disposals in this context and discuss it with the staff of the European Commission, the IMF and the ECB by end-December 2011 in advance of taking the final decisions on the programme to be pursued. The draft programme will include the identification of the potential assets to be disposed, any necessary regulatory changes and a timetable for implementation”.

Enough of the reports and white papers lads, let’s see some action, let’s see the action by this date, don’t exclude anything until you have run it past us.

Interestng timing the day after Rabbitte signed off on keeping the ESB Networks assets “in house” and not transferring them to Eirgrid

It’s all about the execution now. While I will pay some more tax I can see here that the deficit should be slashed, and if we get execution on the ‘moral hazard’ and not rewarding more debt monkey type behaviour (including government debt monkey behaviour) all well and good.