Mount Carmel Ville, 17 Ardbrugh Road, Dalkey (-120k, -17%)

Was €695k, now €650k:…=1258819

€448 per square foot.

again a foxy lot … they along with Savills and Lisney are not with it.


Lovely view but it is tiny for a three bed.

134.9 m² is tiny for a 3 bed? :open_mouth:

Though the reversed layout is odd and none of the bedrooms are particularly “master”.

Now €575k, this has reappeared under a different address heading on as “17 Ardbrugh Road”:

Visual verification that it is the same house can be found here:…07357.html

I have a particular hatred for the estate agent practice of reposting a house on with a change to the address description originally advertised, because it is insulting to the intelligence of househunters. However, in this case, I suppose one may have to forgive them because the vendor seems to have fired the original EA (Felicity Fox) and hired HT Meagher O’Reilly. And posting the actual house number of a property you are trying to sell seems to me quite a useful innovation, as opposed to posting the name of the house and letting people drive up and down the road all day trying to find it. If you want to sell it, that is.

€396 per square foot, by the way. So maybe they don’t really want to sell it after all.

Sale Agreed. … in/1762819

Sold for 535k in 2012 … and-47980/

Now asking 695k … 9755/&ea=1

Very poor photos of kitchen facilities in the listing - I assume it has a refrigerator somewhere?