Mount Pleasant, 101 Howth Road (-1070k, -36%)

Was 2,970,000 … =firefox-a

Now 2,400,000

Though listed as 3,250,000 at ?!?

1.9m … lin/351154
4273 sq feet, €444/sq foot

This house is not in Howth - it’s in Sutton. The Myhome lisiting is misleading.

It’s just short of Howth harbour on the right hand side, well up past Sutton I’d have thought. Also, An Post says it’s Howth. Are you thinking of another house?

This place is almost opposite the site of the old Howth Lodge Hotel I think.

Remember, accusing someone of being from Sutton when they think they are from Howth is a great way to start a fight!

Well, I’m from Sutton originally! But seriously, if you go into the link and click on the map. It’s clearly showing this house as being on the Howth Road between Church Road Sutton and Offington Park Sutton - on the right hand side. If the wrong house is highlighted (in red) on the map, then I stand corrected - but if I was selling a house in this market I would expect the details to be correct.

HiFi, you’re right, the map is wrong on the ad. The house is much further up, as johnboy says, opposite the old Howth Lodge and backing onto Deer Park.

I like the bit between Church Road and Offington a lot myself, though I wouldn’t turn my nose up at anything along there :smiley:

…and reminding someone they’re from Bayside when they think they’re from Sutton is an even better one :smiley:

lazy ea’s always plotting incorrect map position (or have never viewed the house they are selling). this was originally on for Euro4.9 along with identical house next door. best link i could find shows euro 3.25

Lovely old houses with nice big gardens but it hasn’t been the same since the old Legion of Mary hall at the Blue Gates burned down in 196?!!!

Sold, according to the Saville’s sign on the property.

Confirmation of 4.9m initial price :open_mouth: … wth-road-/