Mount Saint Annes, Milltown

Looks like someone is off-loading a lot of houses in this development today:

49 Temple Hall, Mount Saint Annes, Milltown, D6
€475,000 2 Bed Apartment 81 m² / 872 ft² For Sale Details » 4 minutes ago

45 Temple Hall, Mount Saint Annes, Milltown, D6
€320,000 1 Bed Apartment 54 m² / 581 ft² For Sale Details » 4 minutes ago

16 Maple Hall, Mount Saint Annes, Milltown, D6
€460,000 2 Bed Apartment 81 m² / 872 ft² For Sale Details » 4 minutes ago

43 Cowper Hall, Mount Saint Annes, Milltown, D6
€690,000 3 Bed Apartment 134 m² / 1442 ft² For Sale Details » 4 minutes ago

40 Cowper Hall, Mount Saint Annes, Milltown, D6
€465,000 2 Bed Apartment 89.9 m² / 968 ft² For Sale Details » 4 minutes ago

23 Cowper Hall, Mount Saint Annes, Milltown, D6
€465,000 2 Bed Apartment 92.1 m² / 991 ft² For Sale Details » 5 minutes ago

21 Cowper Hall, Mount Saint Annes, Milltown, D6
€460,000 2 Bed Apartment 83.7 m² / 901 ft² For Sale Details » 5 minutes ago

Noticed this. It’s Savills New Homes. If you look at the PPR, there are a number of recent-ish Savills sales in the development with ex-VAT prices; these may be apartments rented out after the place was built and never sold. According to the BER registry, Temple Hall was built in 2007, so probably wasn’t that easy to sell back then.

A Park Developments Project, so probably a NAMA work out, its a lot of money for 2 bed apartments…

its madness but thats what they are making in there. I lived there for a spell. Great place to live in fairness. Luas on doorstep albeit it is v crowded by time it gets to Milltown stop.

I am not absolutely sure where in the estate these are, but if in a block with lifts then 2 k + a year management charge as well in all likelihood.

They’re in blocks with lifts. Most 2 beds in the development that have management charges listed seem to be 1700.

There are a lot of ground floor own door 2 beds in the place with much lower management charges. One I lived in was 1 k a year but was one of first built think they increased the management charge attaching for later “addresses” within the development.

Anyone have any thoughts on these? I’m quite interested in the development; I’ve been in a couple of the apartments (in different buildings) and they seem very nice. The location would also be very handy for me; beside the Luas, and a nice walk from town if you’re not in a hurry. Any major problems?

In this sort of bulk sale, is it likely that they’d be willing to consider offers slightly below asking? My realistic limit (short of getting a central bank rules exemption mortgage) would be 420-430; most 2-beds in the development seem to start at 450 (there was a ground floor one for sale for 435 for a while, but it was a bit lacking in privacy, and seems to have been pulled off the market anyway). There’ve definitely been sales at that level and above in the past year, but not many of them relative to the number of apartments on the market.

Youd be doing well to get one at 430 k IMO; wouldn’t pay that much myself but cost aside…


  • Location excellent. Walk to Ranelagh, 5 mins spin to Dundrum SC for shopping. Good spar/pharmacy/ across the road for day to day stuff. Wilde and Green (busy and overpriced) nice treat.
  • Luas on back door, depending on where you live in estate probably ten min walk. Luas rammed by time it gets to Miltown however between 8 and 9.
  • Decent bus service passing outside although lack of bus lanes means can be slow at peak times.
  • Short walk to palmerstown park, plenty other parks (and playgrounds if that’s a factor) within short walking distance.
  • I thought build quality of apts was excellent. No noise from neighbours. Warm and relatively efficient to run the place (all electricity in my apt, not storage heaters though). Very well maintained estate. Plenty communal green areas.


  • occasional parties which can go on all night, not many students living in there so mainly at the weekends. I never allowed it bother me too much though as was not common occurrence. Bigger problem in summer with people partying out on balconies.
  • parking can be an issue…there are limited number of visitor spots. If you park in visitor spot without (text) authorization or park in someones spot without permission quite likely to be clamped pretty quickly. just need to be sensible about it and flag to visitors but still id say 4 visitors to our place over 3 years got clamped. well policed really though so this could be a positive as nobody ever parked in my spot!
  • traffic is painful going into town in the mornings, even getting out of the estate at peak time can be a chore as lights give limited opportunity to get onto main road.
  • Was a spate of burglaries at one point but not sure this is specific issue to MSA. Guards regular presence driving in around the place several times a day at the time gave comfort to residents on that front.

I’m nitpicking somewhat with the cons above. I lived there for 3 and a bit years. Loved it. Smashing place to live with friendly neighbors and not one bit of hassle that I could see whilst I was there. any more specific questions feel free to ask

For the price it’s a bit of a no mans land. I mean there was never much in milltown so if you are under 40 which is what these are mainly aimed at, you are not in town you are not in ranelagh, you are not in rathmines. A quiet south dublin area but way overpriced for what they are.