Mountrath Co.Laois - Refugee Migrant Asylum Planation Hub

Concerns raised in Mountrath, co. Laois after locals learn that a family home on the Portlaoise Road has been offered to IPAS to accommodate between 36 and 54 asylum seekers.

Independent Cllr James Kelly told Laois Today that he believes the property should not be considered or included in the programme for accommodation.

“The terms and conditions of the agreed Exempted Development with IPAS states that as the property is not zoned commercial or retail, and is zoned residential, the owners will have to apply for planning permission.

“I also cannot comprehend how a residence that was a home for one family is now been classed as suitable for 36 persons which on my information could expand to 54 persons.

“I have had numerous conversations in this county with the central theme being that owners of these accommodation centres are only in it for the profit and not for the good of the refugees or the local towns, villages and their residents.”