Move over Knock. The mystery of the moving Monkstown

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Anyone want this Celtic Tigger priced gaff in Dun Laoghaire?

It sold in June '15 for €1m.

23 Cambridge Terrace sold for €545k in 2011. Billy Bargain.

It is not in, and never will be, Monkstown. Video is clear it is Dun Laoghaire. Funny one.

Good to be back. A few builds under my belt since last about.

Broken link, Cheeky Offer. But welcome back anyway.

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Bump for corrected link. Great to be back. Swimming down the Forty Foot today and the boom is back baby…

I would love 23 Cambridge Terrace to be in Monkstown, even if 23 Cambridge Terrace is absolutely not in Monkstown and even if Savills estate agents are fraudulently describing it as being in Monkstown.

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For what it is worth they are both in the Parish of Monkstown…for those ecclesiastically minded.

to be fair that changes things a little then, as will get you in catchment area for schools etc 8DD

**ALL of Dun Laoghaire ** and indeed Sandycove is in the parish of Monkstown, as is much of Blackrock.

See >

If you’re on one side of York road, you’re in the parish but not what most people would call Monkstown. Who knows and who cares…

Most people down there are not Catholics. I posted a map of the real parish. :smiley:

That’s the civil parish of Monkstown. The civil parish definitions go back to the plantations of the 16th-17th centuries. In the case of Monkstown it was the boundary of the Carrickbrennan estate, taken from the Cistercian monks by Henry VIII in 1539 and given to one of his military henchmen. The ecclesiastical parishes, on the other hand, have changed with the times. Dun Laoghaire didn’t really exist until the harbour was built, except as a small bunch of houses where the West Pier service station is now. After that time, and especially upon arrival of the railway, Dunleary/Kingstown outstripped Monkstown as the local big smoke. Even in my father’s earliest memory (born 1917 – he remembered British soldiers on the street in Sandycove) you could stand on top of Dalkey hill and see only the big old mansions of Glenageary and Monkstown surrounded by agricultural fields, with Dun Laoghaire being the main cluster of buildings at least as far as Dublin 4 or beyond.