Moving house>>Any good removal companies?

I am moving house next month and i was hoping does anybody know of a good removal company.There seems to be a lot of cowboys out there!

Come on guys,any ideas?:slight_smile:

My friend used this company and recommended them to me.
I had a very good experience too.

Used Davick Transport twice in the last few years, found them quite good.

We used Allen Removals in December 2009.

Found them to be excellent and very competitive.

Good luck.

i have used helpful man with a large van several times in the past two years as I have moved from rental properties. Very helpful and reasonable rates. Worth a try; Michael:

MOD EDIT: Dude - I can’t let you post someone’s phone number - you may be doing it with the best intentions but this is the Internet and the Law of Unintended Consequences (to the power of “n”) applies.

Careline… not the cheapest, but IMO the best

I also used a “man with a van”. He has a friend and he can work “solo” or with “friend” so no need for you to lift a finger. Well I suppose you have to pack and un-pack but even if you were pushed at that, the wife (who I know as well) would help you with that too. And no, this is not us of course heheh. If you need a name and number, pm me.

Cheers guys and gals,you really are a great help on this site.I was going to buy a place and this site made me see sence…Cheers again Pete