Moving Tips, logistics etc, please!

we’re moving the week after next and I’m sweating just thinking about it. we’ll be doing it ourselves pretty much completely. Frightening task with two smallies :open_mouth:

apart from the obvious de-clutter asap and start packing books etc now, what else do I need to know?

where do people get moving boxes from?

Ask politely at your nearest supermarket, wholesaler, white goods shop.

Good luck with the move.

The removals company you’re using will be able to supply boxes, pack the kettle and teabags etc last, they’re one of the first things you’ll need when arriving at the new house.
Make sure the utilities know you’re moving, nothing worse than arriving and finding the phone cut or something.

If you can, put stuff into storage to reduce the load on the day.

We used these guys to move (x-Dublin), and they were very good:

They offer boxes now, I see, though we didn’t avail of that service.

Banana boxes are great for books, but it is hard to get any boxes from any of the multiples now, because they break them all down out back immediately after packing shelves.

We had 2 smallies too. Pack them off to Granny, boxed or unboxed, the choice is yours :wink:

I’ve moved household to 3 different countries, so I know a bit about packing up a house.

Start right now.

Declutter - be totally ruthless! Get your other half to declutter your stuff and you do his/hers … you WILL NOT be ruthless enough with your own stuff. Get rid of books - get a Kindle. Best streamlining move I’ve ever made.

Re. boxes - go to your local bookshop and ask if they have any book boxes that they want to get rid of. Great for moving - small and sturdy and regular shapes - believe me, if you are going to be doing the carrying yourself you don’t want big, unwieldly boxes that fall apart when you lift them. Worth checking with the local supermarket too- they may good boxes that are flatpacked, but all you need to do is to “re-form” them and stick them together with parcel tape. The trick is not to overload the boxes. And label, label label those boxes - obv your name and address, and also what room the stuff belongs to (bedroom, kitchen etc) - it will save a lot of hassle at the other end.

Use rubble sacks to pack duvets, towels, soft furnishings etc.

Rope in any friends of relatives you can re. the move - think about what needs doing and assign tasks accordingly. Do you have access to a van/cartrailer/horsebox?

Lastly, make sure you pack one box with teabags, milk, kettle, biscuits - in fact all those little things you need when you first arrive at your new place. Carry that with you personally, don’t send it with the other boxes or you’ll never find it.

Large clear plastic boxes can be bought in Homebase. They are stackable and excellent investment when it comes to finding stuff. I bought about 10 and they were lifesavers.

I can’t emphasise the decluttering enough its an absolute PITA to pack up.

Just moved myself in the last two weeks. I got my plastic boxes in Ikea, as they were cheaper than Homebase. I got my card board boxes in Argos. Double up on the tape when you are making them up!!

DECLUTTER !!! That is a brilliant piece of advice. Before I moved I said if I did not use it in the last 12 months, it went. I also packed per room. It makes the unpacking easier. I only have one room left to unpack. It is very demoralizing when you move in first that all you see is an unending mountain of boxes to be unpacked. Breaking it up into rooms made it easier. Plus, I have just closed the door on that room until I can face it. Tea bags, kettle, mugs, etc in a box you bring yourself. It is very stressful, but you don’t have to put it all in the correct place right away.

And, most important of all, Best Wishes in the new place!!!

thanks for the tips everyone. some great advice. now, I just have to do it instead of having another cup of tea and procrastinating :smiley:

no removal company unfortunately, just us and a rented van!

no grandma’s either unfortunately. again, just us!!!

the only saving grace is we can afford to stagger the moving dates so we will have a week to do it.

That was the other thing I was going to say. I moved using my own car. NEVER again. Use a VAN. The bigger the better. It will take a while to fill it, and the same again to empty it, but you will have to do it far less times, and the ferrying is a bugger. Also, get a trolly!!! Life/time and back saver!!! As well as the tea, etc. Put the bed clothes in a separate box also. You want to be able to sleep also!!!

Good points, last move I did, I put everything I hadn’t used in a long time on, some stuff for free, but collected about 2k on stuff that was sellable. You will have multiple people calling around over the course of a while coming to help you move, very liberating!

if we could afford it - how much would a removal company charge to pack and move a 3 bed semi plus garden furniture (trampoline) and a piano. oh and a full attic?
oh sweet jesus I need to sit down…

They won’t pack it. You will have to pack it, and they will move it. Plus, they will do it all in one day, so you will have to have the lot ready for them.

Check out Two Men and a Truck

EDIT: I tell a lie, they do offer a packing service!!!

If you can get a van - or there’s another possibility. The trailer rental guys can rent you a solid box covered trailer that’s as big as a horsebox though not as high (a bit wider - it’s the max size you can legally tow with a private car). Holds tons - and the advantage is you can rent it over a couple of days cheaper than a van and leave it outside the house to be packed over time. With the van it’s one big mad rush to get it loaded, and then unloaded and then get the van back before closing time.

It will take an upright piano easily and there’s a ramp to get it on.

(in Cork I’ve used Southern Trailers - he’s fairly relaxed about getting it back)

Beg borrow or steal a trolley if you can - might be a worthwhile purchase anyway. ALDI/LIDL had a neat one with the triple wheel arrangement for going up stairs that works well - maybe B&Q?

Declutter - yes - I moved in a rush before and ended up throwing out a good half of what I brought - bloody waste of time and energy compared to dumping it first.

I use FreeCycle (in Cork) - around here Jumbletown is useless. Make it absolutely plain that it’s first come gets it, and it’s collection ONLY - no you do not have time to drive across the city to meet them. Great chance to get rid of useless Wedding presents too. Possibly offer first dibs on stuff to your neighbours?

VdeP or other charity shops will take most decent stuff too.

Really try to dump stuff - I’ve seen people who had not unpacked all their boxes a full year after they moved - it’s quite heartsinking to tackle these.

Don’t let anybody give you “teachests” (dunno if they still have these anyway) or any very large containers - these are way too heavy when filled - your back is in severe danger at this time! - you need boxes that can be carried by one person. It’s ideal if you get a load of identical boxes - makes it much easier to stack and secure them.

Get a good heavy felt-tip pen and mark the contents on top and side(s) of every box.

If you work in a factory or industrial estate - go have a chat NOW with the guys in Goods Inwards - they’ll have lots of stuff, maybe lots of identical boxes - they need to know NOW before they crush it all. Maybe your shipping dept might have stuff though that’s less easy to obtain (officially). Might be advantageous to have you prettier half make the request…

Have moved twice in 2 years (Dublin) and can second the recommendation to use a moving firm. Two men and a Van are wonderful and it’s all over in a day.

Not sure whether it would work for everyone and not sure if you are insured but I moved quite a bit of stuff to my office for a few weeks in the run up. Mainly boxes of books and stuff which was bulky and not valuable and wouldn’t be needed in a hurry. I then moved them to new abode by degrees.

I moved house last month with 2 small children. Won’t repeat advice re packing etc -all good advice.
I would just add that you really should try to get the children minded over moving weekend. If you don’t, one of you will spend the entire time tending to them. Also, I was worried about one of them getting hurt accidentally or running out on to the road etc in the middle of all of the activity.
Second thing - Vistaprint are doing 140 address labels at the moment for €3.99. I am in the process now of changing our address on all bills, accounts etc and they are really handy.

This what I’d advise against. Hire a “man with a van” and let him do the back-breaking labour.

Also, pack your car with bags/boxes containing everything you need for the first night and day - clothes, toiletries, smallies nappies etc.

Mark boxes clearly - upstairs/downstairs, kitchen/bathroom etc. Saves you from looking into all your boxes to find a single item.

Open a bottle of wine and make the tedious unpacking a little more bearable.


I would advise against doing your own removal unless you are proficient and well-practised in this kind of thing, and understand all the principles of safe manual handling. Otherwise you are inviting an injury.

Think you’re going to save yourself money? You should first find out how much your local osteopath / consultant will charge you for months or years of treatment for a slipped disc. (I have a medico friend who makes a nice little wedge off guys who do their own removals without the foggiest notion of what they’re about. And I guarantee you HE charges a lot more than a fully-insured removal company who will pack everything, do the move, and put everything into all the correct rooms at the other end.)

Some basic common sense and an industrial grade back brace from the local hardware store and there will be no problem unless one is in terrible physical shape to start with. I’ve done quite a few moves over the years and some simple rules will make it relatively painless.

First rule plan ahead. Absolutely everything should be boxed, wrapped and packed before one even starts to move anything. Second. Sort everything into three groups. The stuff you need immediately the moment you arrive. Then the stuff you’ll need sooner. An finally the stuff you can unpack when you have settled in.

I’ve used storage units on several occasions to stagger moves. Move all the non-vital stuff into storage and just move the vital stuff on the day. Then you can do the remainder of the move at your convenience. It takes a bit longer, but it is the most painless way of moving.

As others have pointed out pack everything into small boxes. I mostly use A4 size document storage boxes which can be bough cheaply from an office supply store. Pack small light and many rather than few heavy and large. Anything larger is broken down as far as possible and bubble wrapped. (another reason to buy IKEA furniture). Tie rope onto more awkward items to make them easier to carry. The only awkward items to carry tend to be mattresses and sofas which should always be first on the moving van and first off. Also, if you have lots of stuff to move invest in a hand truck. One of the heavy duty ones with big wheels. Absolutely vital for a safe hassle free move. A real life savers as you start to tire and the stack of stuff to move does not seem to be getting any smaller.

The whole subject of using movers is moot. In my experience they tend to be very expensive especially for international moving so I have never used them. I’ve done moves where the movers quoted $14,000 and we did it for $2400 by using freight forwarders and a hiring a 20ft container. They just drop off the container at your front door and you have to fill it in 4 hours. Then six weeks later it turns up at your destination and you have 4 hours to unpack it. The last time I did this I was able to fill the container in just over one hour, on my own. That included a sofa a king side bed. Admittedly everything was already in a storage unit but you do get pretty fast with practice.

So far the only time I’ve hurt myself when moving is when I stubbed my toe on a door frame in a cafe afterwards. Due to being completely knackered after shifting almost two hundred boxes of stuff.