MSN Live Maps 'Birds Eye' View: Look at House from 4 Angles.

Great if you’re looking to buy or rent.
Dublin and Internet explorer only.

Go to, zoom in until you see the Bird’s Eye option.
Move the left of center bar to see all across the screen and F11 for full screen.

Who’s ‘mews’ house is this?

Cool. Gives one a certain perspective on ‘what’s it worth?’ too.

Woo nice! time to start nosing on neighbours!

Brill! I’ll be map searching all day!!! lol

Brill! I’ll be map searching all day!!! lol

Better example on this thread:

Anyone guess who’s selling the house with the red dot?

The lovely Liz perchance ?!??

Shit, I’ve been clamped!

Cork, Limerick, Belfast and Galway are available as well.

No Sligo, Derry or Wateford.

I just cannot believe the access to that house, the only way in seems to be a single lane underpass leading to a single lane alley complete with 90 deg blind corner, it is just a mess. And this goes as prime property in Dublin!!!

the pictures are quite old… summer 2007 at the latest would be my guess.

That is indeed around where Liz O Kanes House in Rathmines is but where is the pinkish garden ?

It is still for sale on daft …probably still wants €1.5m for it too. Photos … 40&photo=1