Mullingar ideal for financial hub - Cassidy

The building in question used to be a Bank of Ireland branch, but as BOI had two branches in Mullingar they consolidated most of their operations to the Pearse street branch and sold the Oliver Plunkett st. branch to the bauld (or bald) Donie in '98. The business banking unit continued to occupy offices on the first floor of the Oliver Plunkett premises (presumably rented from Donie).

The remainder of the building has since then operated as the Belvedere Institute a two bit grind school and evening course provider.

No idea what is happening (or has happened) to the Institute now that the Bank of Ireland are moving back in.

How nice it is for Donie that he is getting a blue chip tenant, presumably on a long lease, at a time when there is an abundance of vacant retail space in the town. And of course I’m sure it’s entirely coincidental that all this is happening at a time that the BOI is getting such a leg up from the Government.

Personally I haven’t seen any problems with the functioning of the Pearse st. branch in the last 12 years but who am I to judge being only a lowly customer who doesn’t realise I am being badly served by it.

From the thread title I thought the IFSC was on the move.

You could never accuse Donie of not trying to talk it up!

What happened the new town centre that was supposed to be built?
Anyway,at least Donie will be alright.

I was awake all night worrying about him.

Local Westmeath Businessman Property owner and Politician rents a building to new tenant shocker!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Slow news day in Mullingar… … lved/print

You are obviously an An Taisce West Brit Volvo-driving D4 begrudger, who never goes outside the M50.

This is a huge boost for Mullingar. Plus the premises the Bank of Ireland are vacating will be an ideal hub for pizzas, toy recycling, eco-coffin wholesaling, cut-price butchers, wedding dress-hire or a casino. Carlow’s difficulty is Mullingar’s opportunity.

Is there anything on Earth as devoid of substance as Irish local papers?

The Sindo??


Donie was on the front page of the Westmeath Examiner the week before - as the highest earning Senator.

I think the question should probably be about whether there is anything as devoid of substance (and context, perhaps), as Irish politicians.

Jeepers, is there only subtle mockery left in the countryside? What happened to the sophistication of the city?