Multiple Fatalities from Dublin Halting Site Fire

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Very sad news breaking about multiple fatalities in a fire at Carrickmines. Imagine the media response if this was in an apartment block instead of at a halting site.

This is front page everywhere.
How would it be different ?

Let’s see if it’s still in the media by Monday.

It will be.
As will the funerals.

Just as a matter of info and to preempt certain questions :

Jesus. At least 8 believed dead. This is horrific.

Now 10 being reported.

But this must be more than one caravan? Three or four even considering the number of victims? I don’t see how that can happen accidentally. Surely a fire in caravan alerts the others before it spreads? … 98161.html
Early indications are that all the deceased were sleeping in one portacabin that caught fire. It is understood that it wasn’t a caravan or mobile home that caught fire, but a permanent structure.

Yes, the very same point occurred to me - if fire safety standards were a factor here then it could raise some difficult questions. Questions for another day obviously.

Council statement mentioned wired smoke alarms and fire extinguishers on site…and something else I can’t remember.

Spark from a barrel fire rumoured cause on front page of one of the redtops.

This seems a bit premature…given that the investigation is at such an early stage:
Pavee Point also said in a statement that “many Traveller families throughout Ireland are being forced to live in overcrowded and dangerous situations due to the impact of the housing crisis”, and that “Travellers are often the hidden victims of the housing crisis”. The group added: “It would be particularly tragic if it was to emerge that overcrowding may have been a factor in the spread of the fire this morning.

Just three days after the event and this tragedy holds a mirror up to the ugly face of Ireland.

Residents protest against construction of new ‘temporary’ halting site for survivors of Carrickmines blaze

This makes me very sad, and very angry.

surely its understandable that people have security concerns ?

Plus 100. Innocent children still waiting to be identified and then buried.
And we get nimbyism.
And 50mill for 1916 celebrations.
One fcked up island this is.

I think the residents are wise enough to know that temporary will turn into years.
These lessons in local communities are hard learned
A local amenity is being lost perhaps forever. An (ex?)-council housing estate being asked to take Dun Laoghaire Rathdown’s traveller integration load once more. What a surprise.

No consultation with the residents whatsoever - just a letter (which is, in reality, a piece of emotional blackmail) informing them that work was to begin *immediately *on a halting site within their estate…

Not the way to do things.

Temporary halting site = permanent halting site. I would be nimbying the shit out of it if a new halting site was being set up near my back yard or my front yard. Just because there was a tragedy where completely decent and innocent people died doesn’t mean residents don’t have the right to protest against a new halting site in their locality. Would you sacrifice the right to protest in favour of your ideal, tolerant ireland? (Which you seem quite intolerant about waiting for).

no one with an ounce of sense would want a halting site in close proximity to their home , chances of crime being an issue are very high

Latest: Two infants among ten dead in blaze at Dublin halting site,

The cynic in me thinks those green thumbs are more in support of DFB than travellers, the rest of the comments followed the trend of Coles’ post on the red thumb front.