Multiple houses in one estate

Im looking at an estate in Dublin & I’d imagine there are about 200 houses in it. 5 are currently on the market does this give better bargaining power or does it mean that more people will view them and ultimately there will be more competition and the price will be driven upwards?

I have not yet looked into why are 5 up at the same time.

More important surely is why everyone is keen to get out? antisocial behaviour?, poor build?

5 on the market should give you better buying power as they should be looking closely at one another’s prices & be forced to drop them accordingly.

kennyb3’s point is valid re potential anti social behaviour and/or bad builds. Though I would say in an estate of 200 houses, there will always be a few up for sale, especially with houses being on the market for a year or so on average these days before selling.

Are you only going by notices up or reviewing Daft listings etc as well?
Is the estate relatively new or long-established?
If you were to search the web and slyly ring around a few local EAs you might find that there are a total of 20 to 30 out of the 200 more quitely advertised in the place.

Have you surveyed it by night? might be worth your while.

If you’re happy with the estate try a reverse auction… first one to agree to your price gets the sale

Nice idea

On our road there were about three or four houses for sale last year. It wasn’t anything to do with antisocial behaviour that I was aware of. More to do with it being a fairly ‘mature’ road going through a generation change now as the old original owners pass away and new, young families move in.