Mulvey Park, Dundrum Dublin 14

I’m looking at rentals in the Dundrum/Churchtown/Rathfarnham region. What does anybody know about this estate? It’s obviously one of the cheaper bits of Dundrum, but a scout around suggests it’s quiet and tidy enough and a quick Googling hasn’t thrown up any obvious horror stories.

Its actually a very quiet estate and just a short walk to the Luas behind Columbanus: id say a good proportion of the properties are rented out there though I dont know for sure.

OK, it looked decent enough. I have a passing familiarity with the area, but don’t know fine details. I was just wondering if maybe a proportion of it was rented to loud, pissed students, being so close to UCD. Apart from that, I guess the only other possibly less well behaved neighbours are in the mental hospital, but I’m assuming they’re well supervised.