Muppet Ryan on the Road to Damascus

I can not believe my ears listening to Muppet Ryan on Vincent Browne.

“We can’t return to austerity politics”. Since when, ya muppet? You and you’re party just propped up the gubmint in their last gasp to implement austerity!!! :smiling_imp:

Other gems from the lips of the muppet: “I created 20,000 jobs, independently verified by SEI, by tripling broadband connectivity”. Ya wha’? Has SEI moved into a whole different business recently?

“We need to have more green blah blah blah digital blah blah”. XX

Please God this muppet will never be heard of again after Feb 25th.

from working in alternative energy, he could have done so much. It is mind bending to contemplate how little has actually happened, strategically out of whack big time.

what is even more shattering is the GP’s illusions about how much they did achieve in government.