Murder of Ashling Murphy, Media Coverage, Public Reaction and more

Great news! So…not only is there now one man - who was a well known violent criminal and already before the courts (and out on bail) for an attack on a woman.

There’s another…

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The craziest thought just crossed my mind…was she even attacked? Exercise…collapse onto concrete…“strangulation” mentioned…a wino drinking at the canal tries to help…

Yes that’s crazy, for strangulation there would be marks around the neck that would not be there if someone was helping.

I think what @TheRube is suggesting is in the realm of vaxxident, which is no accident.

Young healthy woman out running (Heart pumping) suddenly dropping dead but then there are witnesses, and a wino moving to helping seems from a distance like the perp, media frame it one way fixing it in the mind of the masses accepting uncritically…

So is this why the boards thread was being modd’ed to death?

What’s new in Ireland 2022.
When the Mongolian cleaner was butchered at the end of her shift down the IFSC a couple of years ago, there weren’t too many virtue signalling vigils organised up on facebook, that I can recall.
And let’s not forget a Japanese lad was massacred on the streets of Dundalk at 9am one morning by a recently arrived asylum seeker.

The attack was hijacked quickly today as another reason to stoke up division between men and women. Scumbag behaviour quite frankly, but RTE was full of this all day, and the politicians had a ready made agenda they could take off the shelf to quickly deflect all blame.
What can Ireland 2022 expect when we have coke head politicians about the place, more concerned with showing their profile to Brussels than maintain the standards of law and order inherited not 20 or 30 years ago.

Roll on 2030, ‘a future to Look Forward to’.


I saw strangulation mentioned in a couple of places, although it’s not on rte as this paper claims, nor is there any post mortem yet:

Archived link:

According to the Examiner she was still alive when the cops arrived which would probably rule this out, but not dying from not being able to breathe for some other reason-maybe that’s where the confusion arose.

Archived link:

A different cause here:

Archived link:

That’s why I mentioned concrete-possible head injuries from a fall.
Murderous sex offenders usually come out at night; random schizos tend to use knives. The cops seemed to be sure they had their man at the scene then categorically ruled him out. We’ll find out soon enough…

A post-mortem examination of a primary school teacher in Ireland has revealed she was strangled to death.

Archived link:

I see from that story the man questioned and released was indeed Irish and not Romanian, is there a connection there or was that a error or possible intentional misdirection yesterday in reporting?

The instant Madelne-McCann-Savita type coverage and pop-up vigils (very recent trend, but seemingly only for some women) that, there is no doubt a framing that guides a massive emotional surge, in the depths of January, which suits the Regime right now because it distracts from their roel as perps in destroying and ending countless lives.

What a cock up.

There’s a stalker-strangler who targets pretty young women on the loose in the Midlands?

We are not being told the truth here. Operational reasons I suppose. This is Sophie Toscan level cock up I suspect.

The nationality ‘fu*k up’ is a strange one.

That was probably an assumption made by a local who knew of a dodgy Romanian living locally.

In light of the vaccident speculation - Gemma thinks this ladies death was a vaccident but has been used to fit a number of narratives.

Summary: she says the pictures of him showing up on SoMe made her think he was set up/framed, speculates that the backlash will be that there was an early call to racism (so we’d be racist to look at the crime figures overall). Also the men vs women narrative/war.

The two witnesses & the report of strangulation she verbally wonders about but doesn’t make a conclusion other than to ask why was the man held & then released if there were witnesses of it all?

She then says there is no doubt in her mind but that the girl died of the vaccine & that the following narrative was done “on purpose”, only that one sentence about the vax, but very definitively stated. Points out Harris is taking a personal interest, also McEntee.

Or a local Keystone Cop jumps the gun and pronounces the cause of death and social media does what it does without prompting.

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What a dimwitted c*nt she is. Has backed herself into her bullshit corner and now everything has to be blamed on the vax. When fully disproven she will no doubt say “ah I was only theorizing but didn’t really think that”

Would be rather concerning if the Min for Justice wasn’t taking an interest in the daylight killing of a 22yo - not exactly an every day incident now is it.

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To be clear, I am talking about GO’D!

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She exposed Belvedere. Spoke about passports when everyone called her crazy for it. I posted it as the question of a vaccident has been raised already & then I saw the screencap on twitter.

So quick to demonise… I do think her mental stability is shaky (so what she says needs to be carefully assessed but she’s been correct before), but then whose wouldn’t be these days, especially if poking your head up above the parapet & taking flak.

Hit 5mins and 50secs in and put your ears on.

Point Virus?

Reynolds - something like “a lot of people at the scene before and during the attack”, which makes it all the more baffling why they arrested and detained for more then a day this innocent bloke.

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However, gardaí insist the first 24 to 48 hours of the murder investigation have not been wasted.

Multiple directions’

Assistant Garda Commissioner for Dublin, Dr Pat Leahy, said the investigation could go in “multiple directions”.
In an interview with Today with Claire Byrne, on RTE Radio 1, Dr Leahy said that the inquiry in to the death of Ms Murphy so far shows all of the hallmarks of a professional commitment to exploring all of the evidence and pursuing the truth.
Dr Leahy stressed that investigations are not “linear processes” and that “around the clock” investigative activities always continue in such cases even when a suspect is being questioned.