Murder of Ashling Murphy, Media Coverage, Public Reaction and more

Right so Dr. Early education will address the problem but not stronger immigration protocol? And this woman is considered educated? I despair for Ireland.


The arrogance of these people is galling. Not killing someone is one of the most basic and core human principals of knowing right from wrong. The notion that this somehow can and needs to be taught in school indicates some incredibly damaged thinking. There is a real sickness at the heart of our education institutions to have these unproven theories being pushed in such a widespread way.


And she clearly didn’t care how the family felt, disregarded the victim impact statements in full. Way to go.

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Yes Complete Arrogance. You’re dealing with a Left Wing Establishment that believes all Criminals are Political Prisoners. It was the patriarchal economic, social and political system that is the real cause of the crime. As I said above: They view themselves as tinkering wizards who can perfect an interchangeable, multiethnic society. We just need to give them more power. They quite deliberately are blaming Irish men for this because they really do blame Irish men. Believe them.

As someone said on Twitter

The leftist explanation for crime is it is always, exclusively caused by external factors The liberal response to this is to policy-tweak those factors away The leftist response is to punish you for causing the factors that “made” these people criminals to begin with.

Since there is no possible policy under scientific liberalism that can undo the genetic factors of crime—its inequality will continue to exist across both class and race—the frustrated anger of this ideology results in a mounting desire to punish normal people for crime

You caused this, you robbed these people of the chance to be normal, it was your failure to do better for them that made them commit crime Therefore, you deserve to have crimes committed against you, while they go free, until you eliminate your culture that failed them



If you can come to the conclusion that genetics is not a factor in crime, then you can exactly understand the thought process that our academics are expressing. There are also other natural conclusions that you can come to after following such thinking. Not only is Puska not responsible for his actions, you can actually make the claim that he is the real victim in all this. The state has actually failed him in not providing the education that he needed that would have stopped him from murdering Ashling Murphy.

Almost right. The Una Mullally types are usually careful not to blame “the State”. They blame “the System” or “society”. They know they’re in charge of “the State” so they don’t blame that. But “the system” and “society” were set up by Catholic White Men and is still influenced by them.

Jog against the patriarchy.

Spare me these midwits. In my job we employed a Dr Doctor to bring in transformation. Everyone is wrong and she is right. Kudos sessions on a Friday and self publication on Yammer all day. Non stop praising of her own team (actually means look at ME)

Which is weird coz in two years they have achieved nothing.

Meanwhile operations is banging out upgrades every month. Not a dickie bird about that.

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Imagine if way back in 50s Ireland, Bishops or Priests went around claiming they were oppressed in some way, they would have been laughed at

If you ever meet the likes of Doolally, if you want to insult them, don’t use bad language, its far better to tell them, that they are the establishment now, its true, but it really stings for them to hear it, they see themselves as the opposite, at this point, pure delusion

The new establishment is immunized against all dangers, You can call them scoundrels, parasites, swindlers, kuntz, it all runs off them like water off a dirty raincoat. But call them the establishment and you will be astonished at how they recoil, how injured they are, how they suddenly shrink back “We’ve been found out”

They have a strange schizphrenic identity, their achilles heel is the truth


But they only publish their nonsense thanks to the editor of the paper
Don’t complain about the journalist, complain about the editor
The man whose name is rarely mentioned in public
Ruadhán Mac Cormaic

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I can’t accept that. The Irish Times has quietly but proudly run a 100 year anti Irish and anti Catholic campaign. All of it’s employees think the same way about social and cultural issues. Ruadhán is not the issue. Replacing Ruadhán changes nothing.

I read the Irish Times only to see what the Establishment wants me to think about the latest horror they’re responsible for. “What are they going to come up with now?” Usually it’s to blame people like me in some way. And to come up with ever more implausible explanations for things like George NKencho’s behaviour. It isn’t a newspaper any more. It’s an argument with reality. Reality keeps winning though.

Today’s argument with reality: it’s social media that is causing anger and far right thinking. It’s not the far left policies we’ve implemented.

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They kept this one quiet…

On Thursday into Friday. :whistle: :ninja:

Man arrested as woman stabbed in ‘random’ attack near Grafton Street (

Man arrested as woman stabbed in ‘random’ attack near Grafton Street

The incident on Chatham Street involved a woman in her late 60s and saw a lone attacker stab her at 9.30pm on Thursday.
A WOMAN WAS was stabbed in an apparent random incident in Dublin city centre last week, The Journal has learned.

The incident on Chatham Street involved a woman in her late 60s and saw a lone attacker stab her at 9.30pm on Thursday.

Chatham Street is busy, mostly pedestrianised, route which connects Grafton Street to the general South William Street area.

Gardaí from Pearse Street and ambulance crews arrived rapidly to the scene and the woman was taken to hospital. Her injuries were described as serious but not life threatening.

Gardaí examined CCTV in the area and identified a suspect.

A Garda spokesperson confirmed he was arrested and interviewed and is due to appear in court in Dublin this morning.

The streets around Grafton street are not proving to be much safer than D1 at this stage.
McEntee really has to go, her position is just completely untenable

Honestly it doesn’t matter if she goes or not. If you look at the Department of justice at Assistant Principal Officer Level up they’d all be considered Communists by the same Department in 1930.

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Lost passports. Jebus wept.

What if we started referring to all gypsies as “Puskas”?

I think it could catch on


Shure ask Mehole.

This needs to be watched more than once if possible.


We need “racist” politicians again. Just 1980 Irish politicians would do. Although 1960 would be much better.

Empty vessels make the most noise

Especially after the news about her uncle this morning…honestly wtf wil make people revollt?