Must be time to buy the ISEQ, right?

The unwinding of the ISEQ must have damaged ahelluva lot of people in this country, it’s like a nastier version of the property bubble, the corrections are sharp and plain to see… If as GB speculates on another thread that the banks are let go, isn’t the ISEQ essentially worthless? The Aviation shares are dodgy to say the least, Ryanair share price has troughed badly from the heady days of €8 a pop and Aer Lingus is just a disaster, what’s left, Elan? CRH?

There might be some value in Ryanair in the long term but isn’t every other stock just a bloody unmitigated disaster right now?

Ah okay, didn’t realise that.

food and energy stocks is where i would put my cash

Speculation on food… It seems the madness has further to run.

Thank you. I was always wondering how the pro-share economists managed to justify a shares market that indefinitely outgrew GDP/GNP. It’s like eating more calories than you burn, but not getting fatter.

Ah, it is ex-dividend, though.