My Estate Agent is a *Not Very Nice Person*!

Hi all, I have been at the sharp end of estate agent malpractice. Had my father not personally known the owner of a property (my first home) we were bidding on, we would never have known the estate agent was withholding our offer.

I also have a builder friend who told me it is common practice for estate agents to take ‘bungs’ to lower the price on a property. I will never trust an estate agent again.

I cant just leave it there! Can I do anything to make sure that this agent gets what he deserves? :cry:

MOD Edit: Erm, we’re trying to foster helpful community, yadda, yadda, we have some very nice EAs on here, so we don’t welcome blanket statements like that, otherwise, I think you’ll need to give some more detail because I can’t figure out if you’ve actually bought something or are disappointed because you did buy! Thanks, TUG!

Sorry TUG, Off course I didnt buy the property from that agent, I accept there is honest and professional agents! :confused: I must find one!

Perhaps the Office of Consumer Affairs or whatever they call it now since they rebranded would be your best bet then, depending on the documentation / records you have to hand and how far you’re prepared to push it.

I’m not sure if there is an EA association either but they might answer a complaint if there was one!

Thanks, I will give them a call tomorrow, :unamused: I’m phsically sick at the moment with this whole ordeal. My first experience has been so bad.

That homeowner must complain about him. He contracted him not you .

The EA may have thought that a higher bid was imminent from you and may have been waiting for it to materialise.

Its the EAs job to take as much money as possible from you Jamie . He is NOT YOUR EA either .

Check if the EA is a member if the IAVI

If they are, then you should call their offices.


get murryo on the case, he will sell your place !

edit : unless your buying - just reread the post

I dont think he really cared whether I bid or not, I hadn’t reached my maximum (which wasn’t very far after!). It was as if he wanted to sell the property to someone else, maybe for a lower price…

I wont say what body this EA is from but he is from one of two.

A friend says that the body you mentioned is self regulating :open_mouth: with their own code of conduct and no independant observation!

No Luck! Apparently there is a National Property Services Regulatory Authority that looks after this area! They are a Government body but are not set-up yet! What now :question:

One man protest with a placard on yer lunch break… Either that or Joe Duffy!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I dont know Joe Duffy too well, I think I will use this site:

Hi Whizzbang, did you set this up?

Is there other sites out there? :smiling_imp:

Nope not mine! Good site though!

Seems very open to corruption to me. I mean if I wanted to outdo my competitor as an auctioneer i would give my competitor a bad rating and me a few great ratings. I don’t think that works to be honest.


It was quite hurtful to read this post, for me coming from a family who has been involved in auctioneering for many years.

I do not believe all auctioneers are like this, my father is a very honest man and built a great business on trust and honesty and hard work. People value honesty and trust these days and business is down to trust alone these days I think and auctioneers in general have a bad reputation as we seen at one of the talks in the IAVI conference earlier this year.

Its auctioneers like yours who are giving the rest of us bad names. Im a post graduate studying business but Im hoping to become an auctioneer within 2 years but auctioneers like this is costing us all business. Since that bloody Primetime show on rte last year our business declined quite rapidly as many of our potential customers went for Internet selling privately or decided not to sell at all due to what was going on. I know that there was a slowdown in the market but this made it 4 or 5 times worse Ithink. It shocked a lot of people and people try to avoid auctioneers now as a result which is very sad and indeed worrying.

It was not a fair reflection at all and its the government’s fault that there is no method of removing bad auctioneers and no way of independently verifying auctioneers. This is costing the auctioneers business millions in my opinion and will get worse. The sooner legislation is brought in the better but from what Ive heard from the NPSRA at the IAVI conference all its going to be is a complaints commission which like the landlord regulatory body will be a farce and will do nothing to protect auctioneers.

I hope you continue to use auctioneers. I know that young people especially are very wary of auctioneers but lets hope some form of protection comes soon for our industry to separate the rotten apples from the good.

Let us know how you get on.

Thats it. Bertie’s studying to become an auctioneer as well…Not that I’m stunned. :open_mouth:

There are, as far as I know, two representative bodies for auctioneers, namely the IAVI and the IPAV.

Why is it that they cannot be self regulating? It seems to me that when we try to introduce statutory regulation for any industry there is a scream from that industry that they could be self regulating…so why not get there before the state has to get involved?

In short, I see a lot of blaming the government for stuff when that stuff could be prevented before you have to get statutory instruments involved.

There is a way of doing business in this country which sucks, big time. I have no doubt that there are many essentially honest estate agents. But how are you supposed to know?

Jaysus, Im enjoying the Guinness too.

It was the only name I could think of at the time :laughing:

Self regulation does noet work and I believe the current situation is somewhat the result of that…Selfregulate a train that has “runaway” written on the side of it.

and the government…well, they didn’t intervene…after a few Prime Time episodes it was discussed…but public outrage faded again and so did the will to regulate…


I agree 100% with you. I think both bodies have messed up big time. It could put an end to auctioneers if proper regulation is not brought in. We need regulation that the ordinary punter on the street can see and can have confidence in. Im not sure what the solution is but if the ordinary man in the street cannot have confience in it nobody can.

But yes, everything you have said is 100% correct. 8)