my home vrs daft

I’ve been scanning myhome and daft regularly for the last year. When I see some value(ie something that won’t rip the ass of me for 40 yrs) I think I’ll buy. Looks like that could be a couple of years though. Seem to me that there’s a lot more for view on myhome than daft in almost all brackets and areas. It makes me think that the daftwatch graph is only the tip of the overhang. Buy to let is 8- Does anyone have an accurate figure for the overhang, If this has been posted somewhere else i’m happy to take directions :slight_smile:

I have not used my home since they “revamped” what was a perfectly fine site added to the fact you cannot use property bee in my mind makes it pretty much redundant,surprised anyone uses it anymore,pics are to small,only certain E/As use it etc ie seeing out a contractual arrangement.

Are there any others of note?
What percentage of houses for sale are on these two sites, does anyone know? These are the only places I check, could I be missing something? :open_mouth:

It’s hard to say because myhome don’t make their statistics easy to access.


Daft seem to have tons more ads than myhome. This might be because they get more traffic. has 62k listings has 28k listings has around 35k I think

You could always use :wink:
90k listings in all, the biggest in Ireland :angry:

Wow am suprised Daft has twice the listing of myhome (though does that include rentals?)
Will check out propertynews, thanks.
(Am already familiar with IPW thanks :wink: just didn’t really think of it for searching for stuff to buy, will now :wink: :wink:

myhome is generally better for Dublin, and Daft for boggerland. :slight_smile:

Im an EA. We seldom use myhome any more due to tis pricing structure. 150 per house I think. daft is that a month for all our houses. I knew the minute I saw the daft pricing it was going to win the battle. There is a huge opening for another property website. Both those are uselss. Not nearly enough features.

I thought the same myself a long time ago…

Top bananas DE … :smiley:

Business idea DE … !!! :bulb: :question: :exclamation: :wink: