My meeting with Country Tom

I was stopped at a junction in Irishtown today at 12:30; I was first in the queue of traffic when I got a green light so I proceed forward. All of a sudden a car appears right in front of me who had broken a light on my left hand side I jammed on to prevent an accident and stared the other driver in the face.

The Culprit was Tom Parlon.

He was driving a black BMW 5 series (the spin mobile), he apologised for his mistake and carried on. I know he’s a busy man rushing around the place putting spin on everything so I could understand his rush.

Maybe the government could give him some sort of special vehicle status like a fire brigade with flashing lights and the like, because its there fires he’s going to try to put out.

What do you think?


You missed him?

I thought the Super Hero in charge of housing already had a Batt Mobile.


Surely he should have a garda escort?! Or at least some type of “doom fighting helicopter”. What ever happened to Electric Eddie, maybe his chopper is hanging around somewhere?

I miss Tom Parlon.
But my aim is improving.


I’m a little worried to hear he was near my house.
If a portal to hell has opened up in the basement I’ll have nowhere to park.

I guess when Top approaches a traffic light, he believes it will stay green forever. When it turns Orange he reckons it’s a temporary setback and it’ll be green before it gets to it.

When it turns Red he convinces himself that it’s really green and the red is just down to the traffic light being overly pessimistic.

Then comes the Crash.


He should’nt be driving, sure he must be dizzy 24/7 with all the spin he has to do. It is a public menace and haard to have dizzy drivers like TP on our roads

Traffic lights will always be green or thereabouts.

Don’t be too hard on Tom, his rose tinted spectacles make EVERY light seem red.

And he drives through them anyway???


The OP certainly suggests so RD!

Classic :laughing: :laughing:

:laughing: I’ll give you post of the week for that one Daltonr.

I’ll bet the risk of hitting you ws only 4% or there abouts, it’ll always be 4% or there abouts, honest.

Clearly you are generating gloom and doom out of all of this, you Scaremonger!

You’re way wasn’t good and obviously Toms was the right way forward.

If we’d have listened to you, everyone would have been driving little tricycles to work for 5 years now we’d and have missed out on the automotive era altogether.

Tom had the fundamentals in the incident (car) and you are just bringing negative sentiment into light because you can’t stand how canny his approach was and how savvy he was in progressing along!

:wink: :smiley: :wink:

I knew the crash would hit the BMW region hardest.