My own home. Finally.

After a few years of looking finally got the keys to a home of our own. It’s got one fewer bedroom than we’ll ultimately need, and the kitchen extension is a bit damp. Bit of roof work to do, and there’s some damp under the stairs…

But it’s all ours.

And we’ve moved straight in.
And it feels wonderful.**

It shouldn’t have been like this. We shouldn’t have a city on this underpopulated island where yet again VI forces make a farce of a “free market” when it comes to residential property. Even though I am now a homeowner I have no wish to see my property value spiral due to some group of morons deciding to pressurise the Central Bank into watering down their controls. Controlled growth is the key, requiring an actual functioning marketplace. Let it creep up over time along with inflation and we’ll all be grand.

But I have little faith that this will take place. Anyway…

Damn the “property ladder”, a term that should be consigned to the dictionary graveyard along with the interest-only mortgage.

Damn the fools wanting “just a little bit more” to get onto that ladder, blind to the fact that ever little bit more given to a first time buyer pumps up the whole thing.

Damn the lack of transparency around what constitutes a legitimate “bid” for a property in this country, where any Joe or Josephine Soap can ring up an EA, say a number, and that will be taken as the new high bid.

Damn the lack of clawback if buyer (or seller) plays silly buggers after putting through the initial deposit for negotiation.

Damn the lack of a system for long-term leases that offer real protection for renting families.

End of rant.

But I still feel wonderful. So let the DIY list commence as I turn this elderly but functional house into a lovely little home.

receives tap on shoulder from wife along with stern look

Ah, the list.

Thank you.

I see I’m already behind :laughing:

Fair play dingbat, best of luck with it!

Congratulations. There no place like home 8DD

Great post dingbat.

Unfortunately the only bit of regulation we have had in property were the few things the trokia insisted on.

The government that in 5 years only managed:

  1. Irish water - a mess up at almost every turn.
  2. Referendum on the Seanad - nobody cares about it, but if Kenny wants to kill it, its probably worth keeping.
  3. Referendum on being age 16 to vote for a meaningless role - in fairness to Labour, the gay referendum was theirs.

They backed out of:

  1. Public service reform - neutered Croke Park II and killed Haddington Road, otherwise, zip
  2. Government reform - apart from hit-job on Seanad, zip
  3. Banking reform - sham investigation (nobody to blame), tried to undo ECB’s rules (and failed), zip
  4. Housing reform - rental regulation and control (zip), hoarding of land (zip), building regulations (being undone).
  5. Emigration reform - control of economic migrants overwhelming our social and health system (zip).

The maxed out on:

  1. Claiming credit for recovery - it was nothing to do with Noonan, all due to Draghi’s actions.
  2. Get constant photo ops of Noonan and Kenny smiling in the Indo at our recovery (thanks big D).
  3. Helping US MNCs to avoid even paying the 12.5% low tax rate (which the EU is trying to claw back for us).

The saddest day in the last decade was when the bulk of the MOU lapsed, and Kenny announced that “Ireland has won back our economic sovereignty”. The outstanding items on the MOU (i.e. crazy legals fees and legal system) have been scrapped. The only “reform” that we have had in this country has been trokia driven. And unfortunately that is waning.

I a few years time, we are going to hear that the PPR violates the Data Protection Act (the act the Government most use to get around things), and will be scrapped.


Congrats Dingbat. I’m reminded, that I should do up a list of things I’ve got done and not just what needs to be done.

Surprised myself by how I’ve taken to the DIY all in the name of saving the pennies since last October. Rehung doors, fixed leaking heating pipes, upgraded radiator controls, repaired boiler thermostat, lifting tiles and carpets, sealed up drafty windows, repaired alarm system, rewired phone connection, added some new lights switches to name few things. Kids to bed, podcasts on and away I go. They usually sleep through the racket and the cussing. Usually.

Enjoy the ceremonial first shelf hanging! I’d a bottle of beer to celebrate that :wink:

Don’t underestimate the indifference you will invariably be met with just when you feel you’ve achieved something grand :smiley: Plus you might hear the phrase “Will we not get someone in to do that”? Hell no. Fucking up is part of the fun. 8DD

Congrats. May you have many years of happiness…not having to look at every day practically guarantees that!

Congrats! Was going to say you’ll have loads of free time from not having to trawl myhome and viewings, but then the DIY will most likely more than make up for that! Still will be way more satisfying I imagine

Enjoy Dingbat.

Dubh, if you’re finished, I’ve a lot needs doing in my gaff.

To many long and happy years in your new home!


Ah yes, the (never ending) list. My wife is a project manager. She spreadsheets, budgets and assigns tasks, mostly to me. I get in trouble when completion dates pass. Enjoy it!

Top tip: Do anything humanly possible yourself. We had a guy paint a few rooms cheaply, for cash. But he’s incredibly difficult to pin down. Normally I’d say time is money, that my free time is worth more than I’d pay. But then they don’t show up, and the you get figuratively whacked over the head with the f***ing list. Take a weekend, take time out, and paint a room. Doesn’t matter how slow it goes, you’ll get through the work quicker over all, and take lots of satisfaction!

Most anything can be looked up on youtube and copied with some degree of skill. When I want to do something myself I say it’s a 3-5 year job, that we’ll replace the door/window/wall/whatever at a later stage. That keeps them happy, they believe we’ll somehow have a mountain of renovation cash tomorrow.

I’d echo Jammy’s advice. Youtube is a great resource. I enjoy this guy

@Pill. I might be able to pencil you in in 2031. Endless (again echoing Jammy). And to think the house is only 16 years old.



Congratulations & may you find yourself with 2 fewer rooms then you’ll need !


Congratulations. It’s a good feeling … the perhaps unnoticed sense lived with that this place isn’t actually yours and that someone can come along at anytime and have you out.

You’ll find your interest in the precise fraction of a percentage in mortgage, precise value of the house, precise this, that and the other which focused your thinking will soon dissolve. DIY programmes beckon :slight_smile:

Couple of tips:

  • if crossing the need for a DIY tool, just buy it rather than make do with some bodged alternative. You’ll use it again and will be surprise how swiftly your toolbox builds up to tackle any task. Clearly, Hilti laser measures and compound chop saws don’t belong in this category

  • aim to tackle the deep stuff before the surface stuff.

  • there’s only so much motivation and so much tolerance for dust-a-fact-of-life. Get it done as quickly as you can and mask off doors to areas you don’t want covered in dust by the lastest works

  • shop around. Done Deal espec but also end of lines in outlets for the likes of wooden flooring / tiles / kitchens etc


They don’t? Don’t let my wife hear you say that. It’s a couple of years since I picked up a chop saw in one of Chadwick’s super sale days and I’ve only managed to use it for one small job so far. New shelves coming soon, I promise. :wink:

Congratulations on the new house, Dingbat.

Very well done to you.
Well wear and may you and your family enjoy it tremendously.

May your roof never fall in, and those beneath it never fall out :wink: