'My property empire will survive': Shane Filan

‘My property empire will survive’: Shane Filan insists the crash hasn’t left him facing disaster → dailymail.co.uk/news/article … aster.html

Shane largely paid cash so I reckon he is telling the truth…as in wearing trunks with the tide out!

Me thinks he should have stuck to what he’s er…good at…singing ? :angry:

so should Samantha Mumba, did she ever flog that gaff on Berties street ??

property love. ain’t that a kick in the head :-GC


That’s a shovel princess.

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Just in time for the Nursing Home scheme run by the HSE to run out of cash. Hmmmm!

guidetonursinghomes.com/nurs … eland.html

But there was delays.

July 9 1010

Dromahair, eh!

leitrimobserver.ie/news/loca … _1_2039923

And this, an unfinished Ghost Estate of His in Dromahair

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Off to the UK and negotiating an IVA now.

dailymail.co.uk/news/article … perty.html

30 March 2012

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Friday April 06

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Exclusive in the Sun. Followed by :

Sunday April 08 2012

I think this lot is Shanes as is this lot.

His own property empire in mayo and leitrim. bless. Any decent empire should have some inhabitants. Shane, don’t worry about that 23 million debt. We got you covered. You have brought us such joy and wonderful music ill contribute a few extra euro in taxes this year.

Why would any creditor agree to an IVA now knowing that there’s a lucrative tour coming up?

The threat is full bankruptcy. Take a % now or get feck all if he refuses to tour for a year or two.

I wonder how many concerts it would take for 23 milliom though?

What an eijit. Set up for life with millions earned in fickle industry of pop music and then lashes it all into even more fickle world of property speculation. How much land does a man need?

I dunno. There were tabloid articles about Brian McFadden’s custody battle for his kids which claimed he’d spent all of the 2 million he’d earned from Westlife on it. The article could be horseshit, but it’s possible the life of a manufactured popstar is not all that lucrative these days. You have another former Westlife member appearing on some godawful cheesy talent show to make a few bucks.

And in this IT article about Filan selling his 300K car he is described as a “property developer”, and offers the feeble excuse that he’ll be away touring for a year so “won’t need the car” … even though he is “car mad” and “always wanted” it.

Seems like an odd photoshop to me.

The Herald lists Westlife as the fifth richest Irish entertainers in early 2010, with EUR 35m between them. When you divide that four ways and consider that at least some of it was in now worthless property, it’s not exactly megabucks.

The fact that the vast majority of their songs are covers might mean the bulk of earnings go to royalty payments.

Brian Macfadden has nothing because manufactured pop bands earn buttons initially, the guys that stuck it out would have done very well from concerts later on as they negotiated new contracts.

They would have earned little from covers, though lately I read that they were pissed off with the record company refusing to promote their new album (the loyal fans buy it anyway and singles cost the record co money) which has songs they wrote themselves. I wonder if the split was caused by contract considerations.

I heard it was down to “musical differences”…just saying like :mrgreen:


I thought it was musical similarities.