My tenant was beeping me constantly … 07041.html

I cant believe I just read that, does this pass for journalism in this country because whoever penned this muck lives in the world of lala land and its about as far from reality as willies wonka. :unamused:

So, to summarise:

“They wanted me to supply the service they were paying for, but I didn’t want to! So I hired someone else to perform the service and they didn’t want to either! I’m at my wits end!”

Manual labour wha, sure we has forginers for dat.

Or to put it another way purchased new property built in classic Irish modernist style ala very poorly (idiot) and tenant complained so bought second of similar build quality ( “fool me once shame on you fool me twice lalala” bushism) tenant complained again. Why dont these people just leave their money and F*** off.

A part of me wants to break the no glee policy on the site, another part of me is saying “Jesus wept” and yet another part of me wants to give “Margaret” a slap of a wet fish. Is she
a). An Idiot
b). A complete cow
c). Lazy
d). unable to tie her shoelaces without a manual and someone else doing it for her
e). …

Its a business woman. It takes work and like all businesses can take a knock from time to time. Bloody typical of get rich quick and easy in Ireland :angry:

Edit I forgot to take a swipe at the Idiot journalist who wrote this. NUMPTY. There, that feels better

Read the print form of this on the Dart. The opening line made me want to puke. I hate the use of the word CUB.

The IT property supplement looked like it had potential when I glanced at the front page. Looked to have some realistic stories. Think that page, which included another article was advertised as something along the lines of, “Reluctant landlords having to learn the ropes”.

The whole supplement turned out to be the usual Lifestyle penned guff. IT really should kill it and sack the team; advertising revenue can’t be covering the costs and it’s diar.

Journalism? O crap I just assumed this was an excerpt from a Cecilia Ahern novel :angry:

But her cannyness made sure she was on top of morkesh trends so unlucky for her she just got caught up in international factors. As Dermot, says, it’s not really anyone’s fault, it just happened.
Or there is a slim possibility she was surrounded by similar muppets who competed with each other to show their business acumen by how many investment properties they had. Now for a lot of the poor saps they will be dumping these status symbols on a market that doesn’t want to know. No glee, just contempt at their hand in this mess.

Who would have thought leverage had a down side?

Seems to be the problem these days.
People came to think that making money just happened without any work being required.

People have come to think of property as a magic money tree. All you need to do is get some and you’ll be rich rich rich.

Her tenant was locked inside a toilet. A traumatic enough experience, and quite dangerous had it not been for her mobile.
“Margaret” was quite miffed that her holiday routine in Portugal had to be interrupted just for this. “I mean loik , I suppose the tenant ya, still had access to tap water.”
How the fcuk was the tenant supposed to know she was in Portugal. I’d have phoned the landlord/lady as well.
Isn’t it time these L.Ls, lost their “Lords and Ladies” nom de plumes? If ever there was a less deserving title. As of now we should refer to them as “Landpersons”.
We could hide our animosity behind the cloak of political correctness.

A friend of mine is currently moving out of their rented accommodation following an “altercation” with their landlady. The owner in question sounds not dissimilar to the one mentioned in the article.

My friend had informed the landlady that one of the “white goods” in the furnished property had become faulty. The item was listed on the inventory attached to the contract and so was part of the agreement. Unfortunately, landlady seemed reluctant to replace the item promptly. Several phone calls and a couple of weeks later a replacement (not new) item was delivered and the landlady, in the words of my friend “let rip” about my friends persistence and demanding. This incident followed on from an earlier episode where the heating had malfunctioned and the landlady did not arrange for anyone to repair it.

The main problem appears to me to be that most landlords/landladies are amateurs and the property business is not their main income. They have no idea of their responsibilities or rights, have very little idea of “customer service”, little or no business acumen and, on the basis of recent history a strong belief that they have a right to make out like bandits with minimal cost to themselves. Many seem to “look down” on tenants with a bizarre sort of “I own property, you don’t” attitude.

Don’t get me wrong, not all those letting properties are like this. My own personal experiencing of renting has been quite positive, but I made a point of ensuring there were written contracts at the start so everyone knew where they stood. But based on stories from friends and colleagues who are/were renting, such as the above, and also having met several self-styled “property tycoons” along the way, leads me to believe the rental sector is infested with a significant number of “fly by night” property owners.

They are in for a rude awakening to the realities of the market.

Blue Horseshoe

The old code is just sooo obvious - one hardly needs Blenheim induced brain power to interpret the message these days.

Operation Margaret = annual planned invasion by the VI’s for the spring property selling season

“Unexpected windfall” = money mummy and dadsy gave me from their sale of the ancestral pile.
“Business executive” = manager for a small business, if that. But, hey, when you’re a landlord one is automatically the bus exec
“I was in Portugal . . . I was in Wexford . . .” - Of course we aren’t accessible. Us landlords have a certain lifestyle to maintain. YOU TOO CAN HAVE THIS LIFESTYLE.
“find out immigrant trends and requirements” - Don’t let to a paddy, or indeed anyone living in the country for over a year. Dem bastards know rents are falling and will not be “friends” when there are problems with the shoeboxes you rent. Have your “agent” stand at the arrivals gate at Dublin Airport and rent-pimp the first unsuspecting and wide-eyed non-national they can find.

At first I thought the author might be female. However, I think it’s male chauvanist pig. = Only let to females who may be “wowed” by the colour of the paint, the tasteful curtains and the cunningly placed pot-pourri. Otherwise, they might notice that the shoebox is . . . well . . . a shoebox. And expensive. Only a chauvanist could make such a sexist suggestion.

Well, yet again, the VI forces have gathered for another assault upon the property market and those looking for a home. Though severly depleted, the forces have gathered a number of panzer divisions thanks to tax payer bail-out money. They also have reserve divisions behind the lines with their new seccret weapon called the govt sponsered (again tax-payer funded) sub-prime mortgage.

As this article indicates, the first softening up salvos are being launched. The big guns in the Irish media are frantically lobbing shells at the population as we speak/write. No doubt the first cries of success will be heard when: An EA, Banker, Politician or Developer claims that they received the asking price for a property that has been on the market for one year+. Victory will be declared when a hard working tax-payers borrow their own money to buy a property.

Will the patriotic forces of the VI-land prevail in their last ditch efforts or will they be forced into their bunker-lairs to expire as deluded spivs?

Whose more deluded, the spivs or the Irish public? Stay tuned.

One serious point that does come out of the article is the lack of serious property management companies in Ireland. I rented in London in the 1990s and always dealt only with the agent (apart from one disastrous private rental). Generally they were efficient, courteous and professional. Problems were addressed, an inventory and readings were taken at the start, a contract was always provided, and deposits were returned on the spot following the check-out (where the agent appeared at the scheduled time!).

Of course, they generally charged 10-15 percent of the rent for their services… I wonder how many cannies would be prepared to pay that amount…

Hmm, all this reminds me of the bad old days in old style flatland with snooty and unhelpful land “lords/ladies”.

Anyone know the exact Revenue office where I could forward names/addresses of ex-landlords (Dublin based)? I might just suggest that Revenue check for themselves that the relevant rental income was included on tax returns…

The same cannies that are paying 100-115 percent of the rent on mortgage interest payments!?

Really these amateur property barons do my nut in. They seem to think of tenants as at best an inconvenience and at worst plain old scum. Heaven forfend they have to provide the service for which they are being paid good money.

The attitude seems to have been:

  1. Buy property
  2. ???
  3. Profit

It seems to shock and annoy them that ??? might actually involve doing some work!

My own landlord is very professional and we have a good business relationship, thank goodness, but I’ve dealt with some shockers too. Hopefully the upswing in supply will drive a lot of these amateurs out of the market, as to my mind, they are the biggest drawback to renting as opposed to buying.

If only we saw some sort of institutional ‘landlords’ becoming the norm, so e.g. a bank owns 5000 properties and employs agents to service them, we could then start to move into a scenario where long term renting is a very attractive proposition.

Give it 10 years and thats exactly what will have happened… the banks who have been bailed out will own the properties through reposessions and will control supply

I agree with one small addition
the State which by then own all the banks will own the properties.
We will have a de facto nationalisation of a massive proportion of the housing stock.

Cannies and superncannie repos will belong to the state

I wish it will work out like that but I cant agree with you there…

That assumes we get thru this crisis with the state surviving without selling off assets as part of a bailout…Or not privatizing the banks as soon as they can walk again. Or just plain old fashioned corruption of selling these distressed assets at reduced prices to important developers again after debts forgiven over the heads of the reposessed owners who are now renters

I just have a really bad feeling that the net result of this adventure will be the creation of a new landlord class in Ireland where property ownership is confined to a small bunch of people/coorporations who then rent the country back to its people… Cant articulate it properly, its more systematic than what you are saying, but there u go…

2 Gaffs could well be right after all !

If this happens, we would need a ‘Plan of Campaign’