Myhome Feedback Friday - Will Nama reflate property bubble?

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love the response to Keith Elliot (see 1st comment and 5th comment)

yeah I laughed at the fifth comment. Succinct!
I posted my tuppence worth. probably won’t make it past the moderators though.

I love Wishu werehere Bertie’s comment. We need an ‘in a nutshell’ smiley.

What a load of rubbish.

I posted a message listing the factors that would continue to lower prices and my message wasn’t listed. Think I’ll try again just for a laugh.

It’s posted there now Coles2. In fairness they don’t seem to have censored the discussion.I am surprised.

Could we get that quote on a T-Shirt together with FF Ned’s comments on his Bank shares. It sums up the whole fiasco

Sorry it’s so long but stuff like this deserves to be read! :laughing:

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