New Feature

I say ‘new’ sparingly! has added a new feature to track price changes around Ireland, only a few years late with that idea… interesting nonetheless. The price changes for properties in the same area as the one you’re viewing appear at the bottom of listing pages.

It’s a lot more visually pleasing than the price change sites that we have been used to, and is updated in real time which are welcome improvements.

Very useful. I searched price increases in Dublin 4 and found very few. A fair few drops though.

Now what was that thread a few days ago that claimed that prices were increasing? :angry:

Would be useful if they grouped the price changes by the same property.

On a related(ish) topic, apart from the relatively recent indexing of prices that the likes of the Pin and undertake, is there anywhere that records a slightly more historical record of house (asking) prices (i’m thinking late 90’s/early 2000’s)?
i’m sure there is but i just can’t seem to track it down!

Very much doubt it. I wanted to make one myself, but decided it would be far too much bother for something that may be interesting, but also completely irrelevant.

Irish times archive is searchable back to 1873, but there is a cost.

i figured (maybe wrongly) that if you had the 2000 price for a property (or asking price at least, since it was probably alot closer to final agreed price) you could approximate current ‘value’ (since we are told that current prices are back to 2000 levels)

  • any obvious flaws in the ‘logic’??

Irish Times lauding this new feature: … 89334.html

These were the same gobshites who put their prices as images to prevent this very functionality!

(Note also the fear the OP had in 2007 in even mentioning house prices on AAM!)

Charlie Weston, the Irish Independent “Personal Finance Editor” (aka Property Shill) needs to learn how to use the MyHome New Feature or, better still the Daftdrop search function:

sez he in today’s Indo. … 83681.html

Prices are still almost ubiquitously DROPPING like hot potatoes in Galway City, not rising. :imp:

It looks like Daft are now doing something similar, including property price history into their listings

Properties for rent on Daft now also show any price drops in red beside the current advertised rent, with a listing history below.


And the wonder is I’ve so far only seen those pesky red rental drops so far… presumably just the time of year.

yep, increases are green:

Shall there be (Dead) Cats Eyes as well?

This and the same Daft feature are to be welcomed despite the colours!. The average Joe and Jane don’t know how to track changes in asking prices like we do so another bit of transparency has arrived to the masses.