MyHome: New Website - Old Prices

MyHome unveiled a new website overnight. Unfortunately, some of their data is already out of date:’s-road-crumlin-dublin-south/OWYBB321377

Yesterday the price on the old MyHome matched the reduced price shown on the DNG site:

I see that they still render their prices as images to prevent data being collected by IPW etc.

It seems to be gone daft style, you can even search by address and refine your searches to price/no. of beds…wonder is Ronan watching? :laughing:

Myhome better do something quick, their revenue has taken an absolute pasting in the past 6 months for which they stupidly blamed IPW as we know around here.

The Irish Times 'trust 'is solely to blame for shelling out €50m for this turkey but making it fundamentally unsearchable is probably the stupidest thing I have ever seen done to a property sales site on the internet.

After a complete washout of a Dublin spring selling season the graphic based prices will revert to text, probably around April .

That will, of course, be a sign of panic in the Irish Times and within the sweaty and oppressive Myhome management bunker.