Myhome Shrinks Market Share Even Further

as we know Daft has about 66k entries

Treesdontgrow are now telling us the Property News Stats here, note the sudden jump this year.

The word I have is that Myhome is now a distant third with about 22-24k listings . Propertynews is the clear number 2 now and that gap is growing.

Its no co-incidence that propertynews and myhome are owned by the Indo and Times respectively .

Let me give you a concrete example March 2007 stats here

All 1- 3 bed Properties in County Galway .

March 2007

Myhome 217
Propertynews 217 ( or so)
Daft 330

April 2008

Myhome 239
PropertyNews 310 (or so)
**Daft 1483 **

When MyHome moved to prevent price histories being collected from their properties by buyers, they bit the hand that fed them.

Do a similar search in Dublin, and you’ll get the opposite result.

e.g. Dublin South: Balinteer, Blackrock, Dalkey, Glencullen, Milltown

Myhome: 285
Propertynews: 84 151 (excluding Glencullen which isn’t on their list)

No, you will likely get the same result, minimal growth since March 2007 .

i think myhome had a stronger share in dublin as it was based here but as business models go i think that daft will win out in the long run, they have done much more in terms of creating a sticky site

Myhome is a goner.

The EA’s no longer have a vested interest in pushing myhome and will be happy to list a property on daft. Also, the site is so 1997 and doesn’t have the cleaner interface that daft has. Finally, daft will no doubt have a better brand recognition due to the lettings section.

Just heard an advert on the radio this morning. Myhome is adding “carefully selected” property listings from forty countries to its service. An interesting attempt to diversify away from a declining, increasingly competitive market. Maybe Michael Lynn can make a “comeback” :laughing: