Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs

Mystery virus kills thousands of lambs → … lambs.html

Risk assessment: New Orthobunyavirus isolated from infected cattle and small livestock ─ potential implications for human health. … spx?ID=795

Wow! This could be fairly serious. It mightn’t show up in Ireland for another year in which case Irish farmers will make a fortune selling into the UK and Continental markets. OR Irish farmers could be selling into a swamped continental market with low consumer demand and restrictions that prevent export from the EU. It might have an interesting medium term effect of lowering the tariffs and permitting more beef imports from South America…?

One to watch.

Stillbirths and deformities can be caused by excessive Radiation. The fallout from Fukushima, three Nuclear explosions and 250 tonns of Mox is radiating all over the Northern Hemisphere. People inform yourselves and take precautions. Be safe and be well informed. Thrust no one, the Nuclear industry is very powerfull and there is a lot of money tied up in the industry.

Indeed. But why do you bring up this red herring? Surely all right-thinking people are well aware that this so-called “mystery virus” is caused by chemtrails? You only have to look at the wooly-textured appearance of chemtrails to see the direct connection with sheep and lambs… :angry:

There is nothing like de Nile here. Of course Radiation is a cause of deformaties, found in Japan and in the US of a and in Europe. Why would anyone admit to this as it would destroy the Japanese economy and the Us and the Europeans as well. We have become victims of Nuclear energy. Its a major price to pay. No accountability, no waste disposal solutions no spent nuclear pools. Dump them into the see (sea!) who cares, out of sight, out of mind. The arogance and the Egos of the Nuclear industry are coming home to roost. We are all in denial, we have been caught out. We prevented Solar from developing and now we are paying the price. We subsidised the Nuclear industry and we Taxed the Wind and Solar industry, and we did not tax nuclear, in fact we Guaranteed Nuclear from Insurance Claims, we indemnified Nuclear from Insurance claims. We were bound to see this raising its ugley head after the Fukushima 3 major Nuclear Explosions. We can do a lot to prevent this happening to us. Inform yourselves and take precautions. Hallow, good bye nuclear, too cheap to meter.

Well, I’m convinced

Midgets, the cause of the spread of this, how are you!. To admit that Radiation, was the cause of deformaties, would be Economic susaside. How educated do we need to be to see problems, head on. Are we dumbed down with knowledge. We have to protect our food industry, of course, our economic well being, depends on de Nile. How, can educated people be so Stupid. Why, wont they admit to Radiation poisoning. Must we all be poisoned, before anyone admits to Radiation fallout. How many Nuclear explosions do we need to see the light. We had Chernoble, and now we have Fukushima, do we need a few more to become aniliated off the plannet, and become an extinct species like the Dodo.

What the fuck? :confused:

OP said sheep, not sheeple.

Radiation’s addled his brain.

Anyone for more eonomic sausagecide?

It’ll be interesting to see what other species are affected by this disease. It’s already odd that it affects sheep and cattle, and if there is confirmation that it is also causing birth defects in other ruminants then I think people need to wake up to a very very serious problem.

Grass and Hay eating Ruminants would be the first to show up nuclear radiation contamination as they are constantly outdoors and feeding on grass all day. The sheep and cattel themselves appear to be fine, its the new borns, that have the problems. What do Vetinary Surgeons think about this mysterious problem. What effects have contaminated environments on animals. How much Mox is floating around the Northern Hemisphere, and how many ‘hot particles’ are getting into the lungs of people. Lambs liver tastes different in the past few months, has anyone else noticed this. It would normally show up in livers first.

I just wanna read the press release that blames this on midgets!

In fairness, the radiation poisoning theory seems plausible. Obviously I know nothing about viruses or radiation poisoning, but the idea of these birth defects being caused by a midget (of the winged variety) in the middle of winter does sound a bit bizarre to me.

Anyone with any scientific expertise out there that would like to wade in on this?

Agree completely Mary, it must be the midgets again. I mean why else would they call it the Schmallenberg virus?

The first to show up nuclear radiation contamination would be the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland which monitors radiation from air, soil, water and food. I don’t know if they do taste tests on lamb’s liver. … oring.aspx

If it has been identified as a virus, surely that rules out radiation? Radiation doesn’t give you a virus surely?

It’s got a German sounding name - that’s scientific enough for me.