N.Ireland Loses Out as Job Cuts Ambush Prosperity Pledge.

bloomberg.com/news/2010-11-03/no … ledge.html

They could have ‘had’ these jobs any time since 1998 and many of the Subprime lenders that set themselves up in 2005 / 2006 set themselves up in the north rather in fruity expensive Dublin.

Their problem is that their best 2nd level students go to the ‘mainland’ for college and thence to London…and of course some to Dublin. The place has no critical mass.


500 announcd today

"Northern Ireland is set to announce a major boost today with the announcement of 500 new jobs for Belfast.

US financial services corporation Citi is to create the jobs in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter over the next five years.

Like many of the leading banks and financial services companies, Citi went through some tough times during the past two years.

However, it has continued to build the base it established in Belfast in 2004 and it currently has a Northern Ireland workforce of 900."