N26 online only bank. Can anyone share their experience


Does anyone use N26.com as an everyday current account and if so how have you found your experience with it. I’m sick of bank charges from our cozy little cartel of banks in this country. Would welcome any other recommendations.


I used it for a while after Ulsterbank started charging for everything. SEPA transfers go through in less than a day compared to 48 hours or more with Ulsterbank previously, the app is quite nice- easy to set up standing orders, transfers etc. I liked that if you sent money to somewhere once you could later make that a standing order without having to enter everything again which I thought was good, setting up payees and the like with Ulsterbank was a right pain in the hole… The “moneybeam” feature to send money to other N26 accounts instantly is quite handy.
Some utilities like Bord Gais for example only accept Irish IBANs online though you can send in the the form manually which was annoying but not the fault of N26.
We have since moved everything to Revolut as the exchange for Sterling purchases is very convenient, though likely to be less so after Brexit kicks in. I find the Revolut “vault” feature really convenient, the spare change thingy funds the car tax, insurance and servicing annually without me having to consciously set anything aside which is great for example.
Overall I would recommend Revolut over it, however no complaints at all about N26 of itself or its app.


I am using it for not sure 3 years or so now. N26 Black originally due to non-Euro cash transactions required.
Very happy with it, no complaints at all. My main reason for N26 over revolut was mainly due to revolut being UK company, and N26 German.
I am using N26 as my main day-to-day banking account, but haven’t closed my Ulsterbank account due to mortgage and all the DD’s
But I also don’t fret too much about account fees to be honest.


I’ve a similar experience.

Also use it for buying shit on the interweb without worrying about fraud. Few hundred quid top up every so often.


I’ve used it for 3 years all over the world. I’ve also used Revolut and found that one way easier to use for getting cash out free of charge in numerous countries. Revolut tightened up their rules in the last year or two though so I think they are both about the same now.


I’ve used both cards in about 15 countries (mostly outside the EU). N26 does pretty much everything Revolut does in terms of features, has a full web application and is actually a European Regulated Bank. You also have an IBAN with N26. Whilst Revolut is handy, I had issues with incorrect transaction information which they did correct in fairness, but not what you want to see happening with any financial app. I see no reason not to get both cards which gives you more flexibility although personally I wouldn’t put more than €100 on a Revolut card. I think that Revolut has been marketed incredibly well (with it’s bright blue colour) and now that most people have it, it’s accepted as the easy way to transfer to one another and split bills between friends. That said, for me N26 is better in almost every way and I see no logical reason to use the less secure, less feature rich option.