Naas house prices

Been thinking of buying in Naas for a while. Called into a few estate agents last week to be informed prices have increased by 17% in the past year. Crazy

I am thankfully out of the Naas property market since last week after a very frustrating year. Like some other parts of the country, there is an acute supply issue with no new builds available to take the pressure off the 2nd hand stock in the town. New build availability in Naas is about 2 years away with one 60 house estate currently with an Bord Pleanala and another 200 house project turned back at council planning stage (but due for re-submission, I rang the builders).

Depending on the type of house 17% is about right and in some cases it’s more. I am aware of 2 houses in a particular estate one sale agreed and one still at bidding stage, which are both 20%+ avove a house in the same estate that sold before Christmas. There’s just nothing available in the town in the mid-market and what is available is at least 20 years old and in need of much TLC. At the higher end of the market there are still some asking prices dropping however.

As a resident, I would say they are being somewhat disingenuous - some estates/areas within the town have seemed impervious to the real world when it comes to pricing, but continue to find buyers. However, these tend to be estates with a large concentration of detached houses and the small numbers coming to market even now means that prices continue to stay higher than they might otherwise be.

On the flipside of that, there are a LOT of 3/4-bed semis in Naas and prices in most areas for those house types has dropped in line with national trends - probably 45-50% off peak in many areas with some small recovery specific to location. condition of house etc.

Proximity to Dublin with good direct link (N7 / Arrow rail link) means it continues to be a “dormitory” town with ongoing demand - will be interesting to see what impact the new Kerry Group plant will have on the local economy including house prices / rental demands

Looking back over my post and in light of jra42’s contribution there, I suppose I should be a little clearer. I see a shortage in decent size family semis. So I’m talking 4 bed semis at 1200/1300 sq ft +, maybe with a playroom. There are lots of smaller 3-bed semis that don’t seem to be rising much in price. These also would have little scope for extension. But in that market I am referring to I have seen a big jump. The 2 houses I refer to above reaching 20% over a similar house (similar condition too) before Christmas will show up on the PPR soon.

But I do have one concrete example of a house I viewed. This is a 4-bed semi, admittedly it was in excellent condition. Asking price 250, made 295. Quite the jump. … nd-102493/ … ?id=743479

Just looked in Newbridge and it does not seem prices have increased as fast, but still edging up