is it time you chucked it all in and just signed on? … ag-part-1/

an arresting title!

I enjoyed that read; if his numbers are accurate, it’s an indictment of our social welfare policy.

Stopped… reading… about… here:

wow, it makes a fair argument about why rents might be so high.

The only good thing to come out of this would be a excel spreadsheet making the case with the correct figures :unamused:

Poor, very poor.

One line recognition of the fact that the rent allowance scheme is the biggest private subsidy to the landlord sector but not called so is a joke.

So who is ripping off who :unamused:

Mrs C had a hairdressers

A member of staff asked her to interview her friend. She interviewed a girl who wanted to be paid on the black? why?

She was openly honest that she was receiving (rounded)

€800 p/m lone parents
€800 p/m childerns allowance
€900 p/m assistance with mortgage
€600 p/m in nixers

She was living with her husband however she was claiming lone parents and mortgage assistance and he was working full time

€1200 p/m is what she wanted from her “job”

€4300 in the hand…not bad if you can scam it…