NAMA, A Versailles Treaty for FF bankers and developers

This set me thinking … abdc0.html

UK£3.2bn is around €3.5bn , for a country with 250,000 people that is a lot .

Ireland has 17 times the population of Iceland and 17 x €3.5bn is €59.5bn .

That makes this Versailles Agreement imposed on Iceland smaller than than the NAMA scam that our government intends to impose on its own citizens

Good point, and the DoF came out with the statement yesterday that the decision by the SC wouldnt change NAMA, so the government couldnt care less about Joe Public. Its a case of “fuk’im put another yoke on is back”. Bastards.


Dont forget the bitches.

In the interests of equality like.

Someone sharing the Versaille view albeit re NAMA is posting on Dr. G’s blog:


Bastards ,Bitches And Cunnnnnnts!