Nama and my budget

How is NAMA going to affect my income?

Is it going to actually cost me anything or is it a shuffling of financial numbers?
I assume tax rates will rise, or maybe another Levy maybe?

(I’m a bit of a twit with this)


sure it wont cost you a penny, Frank Fahy said. …

I’d say we’ll be paying a little bit more tax for a few years but then, when the government sell all the assets at a massive profit, they’ll give out a lump sum to every man, woman and child in the country. It will be like everyone winning the fucking lotto at the same time so it will 8DD

No no sure it is going to make money for the taxpayer…we will just need a cheque of 40,000euros upfront in order to release the billions to you B)

It’s all a guess.

Assume €30bn up in smoke.

30bn/4m = 7.5k per person.

If you’re working and have dependents round up to the 10k it’ll cost you.
Spread over say 7years (why not) = 1428euro you’re down every year.

  • interest.

direct costs are one thing but the indirect costs will mount in the form of wasted opportunity - what else could we have invested 30 billion in!?!?! Also the artificially higher living costs and resultant unemployment.

yeah but that 4m is also made up of your kids, grandparents etc.
best to work it out per family - i.e. per 1.6m

Which is 18.8k per familias. Nearly 2k a year over 10 years. Shure tis nothin’