NAMA Annual report let the spinning begin

NAMA to repay further €1.5bn of borrowings - Donal O’Donovan -> … 08627.html

Nama made profit of €228 million in 2012 - Ciaran Hancock -> … -1.1411679

Nama made €228m profit in 2013 -> … profit-in/

NAMA annual report here - … 202012.pdf

Brendan McDonagh was on Newstalk earlier and stated that Nama’s property tax bill is only €7k for 2013! I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for that. He also said that some local authorities are reluctant to take the offered Nama properties for social housing.



NAMA boss in tax blooper - -> … 09752.html

Press release … 5-billion/

Annual Report

Transparency and Nama - -> … -1.1415767