Nama brain drain as agents defect … 55754.html

I feel a bit sick reading this.

Around we go again…

They’re the last people NAMA should be hiring…akin to hiring convicts as judges to pass judgement on their mates in the dock.

reminds me to send in a CV

The purpose of the system is what it does. In that effect, NAMA is working splendidly so far.

When NAMA refuse price properties to the market, why should you expect them to do the same with salaries?

With all due respect Mr. Agent I hope you are not reliant upon your CV in this regard. Connections continue to trump ability in this nation.

The most laughable notion is that the paper of record :sick: refers to this as a brain drain. I believe the only people who should not be considered for running NAMA properties companies or NAMA posts are those who have already failed in these positions already. However, I refer to the first sentance of this post and concede.

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The Property (Advertising) Supplement really doesn’t have a choice.

I digress.

Adopting a business model based on the sale of one’s integrity is always a choice and it is not a prerequisite for success.

I refer to the recent victory of Futbol Club Barcelona over Manchester United FC Ltd.

But what can we DO about it :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

The simple answer is nothing.

Two things I’ve learned about Ireland:

  1. It is financially, politically and morally bankrupt.
  2. That’s the way most people like it and those that don’t leave.

Instead of wanting to change the system, most aspire to working their way up within it. If the events of the last three years are not enough to get people onto the streets, then nothing will.


Reminds me of the more recent joke about how Kevin Myers moved from the IT to the Indo, and the standard of writing in both papers went up.

No, NAMA is suffering a brain-drain because you can’t and shouldn’t ever try to bullshit a bullshitter. Sticking all the bullshitters in the same room might seem at first to be a good idea, but when the bullshitters realise even the insiders aren’t buying their bullshit no more, that’s when you can expect the bullshit to really hit the fan, big time - these three new hires are a sign of NAMA starting to implode, not NAMA getting stronger.
Watch that space.

Sugar Daddy State tastes so sweet!

A Fianna Fáil Senator has asked for the Attorney General to come before the House to discuss what he called ‘widespread corruption’ involving NAMA.



I may have given the impression of disagreeing with you earlier but I really don’t.

Opting out, withdrawing ones service from the state or exiting this system, are the only rational options for an individual who is not prepared or able to tolerate this conduct.

Might I suggest a third point?

  1. Most people accept it because they either believe that; they either benefit, relative to their peers, from this chronic state of affairs or that they will at some point be in a position to be a relative beneficiary or that they just believe this is how things should and always will work.

They should sell the NAMA accumulated shite to their own staff, lets face they will be the only gilded government madras left to afford them at the prices they want to charge, farce upon fallacy, art couldn’t imitate this real life shenanigans…I wish I could leave…the constant insults such as estate agent trash getting life changing jobs to ruin whats left of the economy are almost designed to be hurtful

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Does Namawinelake or anyone keep track of how many NAMA staff have Anglo and/or INBS and/or a bust developer on their CV?

It might be easier to track those who don’t.

Nama and NTMA hired from the foreign banks too, probably to get around any future controversy/questions of having waves of Anglo or AIB staff moving into it with a pay rise to boot. As the staff in the non guarantee banks weren’t involved in all this. No sirree.

It reads like something from the gossipy back page of the Farmers’ Journal. The Dealer.