NAMA finally move against their main target

No it ain’t Bernard Seán Paddy Gerry Tom or whatever your favourite deadbeat developer is called. NAMA are spending the €1000 an hour legal fee packages chasing NAMAWINELAKE :frowning: … lake-blog/

The blogpost does not appear to contain a table. I will quote from it all the same.

So NAMA is spending the big €€€s paying solicitors to chase Highly Reputable Sources Like NAMAWINELAKE who name their own employees when said minions get involved in dodgy dealings with Financial Advisers counterparties associates whatever…not that ** Padraig Reidy** from NAMA is alleged to have benefitted personally unlike the Enda Farrell and Alice//Ernst and Young NAMA circus from last year may on the face of it appear to have involved someone who benefitted personally or at least sought to.

But this ** Padraig Reidy** should not be spending a fortune of taxpayers money seeking injunctive relief on behalf of NAMA for his ( ** Padraig Reidy**) going too far in disclosing information gleaned by NAMA to third parties.

We like Namawinelake around here, maybe ** Padraig Reidy** is 2Packs old mucker Landlord in which case shouts dude but somehow I doubt it. :frowning:

Final quote from NWL

I’m nearly trending to side with Johnny Ronan over this ** Padraig Reidy From NAMA** all the same. Never thought I’d see the day…and I never thought I’d see some overpaid legal greaseball threaten NWL either. :frowning:

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