NAMA Guaranteeing Negative Equity Portions of Home Loans


Some difference in the asking between these two housetypes in Castlebridge, Wexford in the same estate:

4 bed detached, 206 sqm:

4 bed detached, 165 sqm:


Houses in the middle of nowhere with no front gardens. Absolute joke.


Prices in Churchfields, Clonlara, Co. Clare falling to include the 20% reduction NAMA are offering
Nama 150K

Private Sale 135K

NAMA getting the market moving 8DD


It appears some of the houses in Killeen castle are back on the market. Thought i’d post it here too.

The ads are a little sketchy in the details:

This is a scheme that was taking queries for cancellations only by the way.


Latest offerings fro NAMA’s 80:20 Deferred Payment Initiative … etails.pdf


Lots of cack there.
Wonder what the apartments in Carrickmines are asking, they fail to mention it


Just went to have a quick nosey on MyHome and a big banner ad caught my eye

The name of this place made me chuckle


Absolutely - have a look at them on Google Maps and it’s ridiculous, there’s grass everywhere … just none in front of your effing house. Shambles.


Delvin Banks?..That’s a joke name, surely, like Sillius Sodus or Biggus Dickus.


Well, the banks are delvin’ into the taxpayers pocket nowadays!


If they had delved into banks 10 years ago…


Very interesting thread on on NAMA and its role in maintaining inflated property prices…

NAMA versus the Grim Reaper … eaper.html


The spin makes my head hurt.

280 properties were available under the 80/20 scheme


Unsurprisingly, Namawinelake was on the case.

Request submitted on May 11th 2012. Partial response received on May 8th 2013. Further documents submitted up until January of this year.

NWL shut down his/her blog on May 19th 2013,

Does anyone have the time and knowledge to go through these and explain it to me like I’m a child like he/she used to?


Didn’t go through anything but I live now in one of these NAMA estates. A lot of units have sold in the past 6 months and the final units have increased in price although they were showhouses.


Just recalled this today.

Any update, how any of these are working out? Since prices rose after it was introduced I assume people didn’t get the potential reduction.