NAMA not conforming to Commission rules?


What’s up with this thread title?

It’s not reflective of the substance.


**OVER 50% is what the judge said , on development land in Dublin and that was BETWEEN September 2007 and september 2008 ALONE **

What about another official complaint to the EU based on the legal defects pointed out?

'Cos that worked so well last time?

HCL went ahead, the only thing that stopped it was lack of take up.

If I remember correctly there was noise from Brussels about the number of applications and who knows what further details were requested out of the public eye.

This time the numbers would be significantly greater, why might make the EU take greater notice. What is to say we could not get 5,000 complaints?

I’m not saying the EU is perfect but it might be interesting the risk all European taxpayers will be exposed to the risk of NAMA (if the state becomes officially insolvent). As it is already they are allowing the government to dig our economic grave.

It might be useful to read the letter -the arguments put forward seem very strong to me, and it includes a precedent on valuation even without the Carroll case.

Which department would be better? Competition autority or another one?

What harm could it do? What is the potential payoff?

The probability of FF and their developer paymasters doing a runner with ECB cash ( like they already did a runner with the cash from Irish banks) would have to form part of the complaint .

We do not want to rip the EU off any more than we want the Irish taxpayer ripped off.

I have read the shagging letter. I know who wrote the fucking thing.