NAMA Posters

There some great pictures/posters/artwork out there that get the message across on NAMA … Anyways, heres one to get the ball rolling

Post away!!!

From the Sunday times…

Facebook Stop NAMA group

From the Irish Independent

From back in April:

Thread: viewtopic.php?p=236982#p236982

A thread with a few NAMA images:

From June:

Thread: viewtopic.php?p=266839#p266839

Thread: viewtopic.php?p=269089#p269089

Thread: viewtopic.php?p=269187#p269187

More here:

203654,500,000 = 32 Billion, roughly what experts predict we will overpay on NAMA.

or every person who still has a job will pay €50 per day

Hope you like it!

Is that a young looking Liam Carroll on the left ?

A Namature surely?