NAMA prepares to welcome 10,000 low-value loans

NAMA prepares to welcome 10,000 low-value loans - Laura Noonan → … 44826.html

I smell bailouts…

“low-value” mee hole…

Any guesses how many TD’s and Irish sporting heros?
A birdie mentioned a few more of each were joining to join their mates already on board.

A smart legal setup will spare their blushes.

Out of curiousity, how much would the DB of NAMA loans be worth to a decent newspaper?

FF getting as many of their cronies inside the safety of NAMA before the IMF/EU force firesales on irish banks.

Maybe if they roll up the interest for long enough, then a few years from now when the spotlight is off NAMA, they can quietly write off the loans altogether.

No FF crony will ever have to repay his loans. Thats the taxpayers job.

Biggest heist in the history of the state continues apace, even with the international monetary authorities in situ.