NAMA property valuer list finalised

**Property Market Hits New Trough **
Piggies reported to be happy as pigs in shyte.

:imp: Reward the Recidivists. No News is good news???

“The Alliance of Chickens and Turkeys have today voted to cancel Christmas.”


Payback for Garret’s support for NAMA :angry:

So, what happens to NAMA when one or both of the big 2 are nationalised? Do we still need this valuation charade? Surely not. The government could just load the loans all into NAMA, ditch the valuers and just get on with managing/selling the portfolios, saving billions. Right?

true, and prepare themselves for bailing out the mortgage holders…

It’s good to see the creative residential valuations which Lisney supplied to the Irish Times won’t affect them getting their share of the fat fees. I guess if integrity was one of the core competencies NAMA was seeking the shortlist would indeed be short.

there was a thread on the pin about estate agents giving dodgy prices on auctions to some newspaper so they stopped publishing the prices

I searched for it for ages yesterday but couldn’t find it

any remember what it was called?

Assuming this is it → viewtopic.php?f=4&t=9411

From memory They’re not on that list