NAMA Protester outside the Bank of Ireland on College Green.

There is a man protesting outside the Bank of Ireland on College Green.
Picture 1.

Picture 2.

He was there at about 2:30 anyway

I asked if he was protesting on behalf of any group and he said he was protesting on behalf on himself

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Oh man. That’s it.

Does anyone think he looks a bit like Fingers?

Anyway, fair play to him. Tell him about the glorious 12th…

Fair play to him (provided he is not a crackpot who would protest against anything) !!

A man with principles and not afraid to be a lone voice.

Hire that man as the new financial regulator :smiley:

The story needs a name and a contact number for journos.

Anyone passing College Green?

I was wondering why Fingleton was protesting against bankers.

Fair due to him, if we had a few more like him to put the wind up this shower.

He was outside the Dail earlier today. There was an interview with Eamonn Ryan on the one o’clock news and yer man was behind him with his placards.

What disaffected pinster of yore is this?

6/1 - Hobbesian World View :smiling_imp:

Who will take th…

Ah stop. Completely off topic when this is an important point. Fair play to the man. This is what we need. Everyone one in the country should know what nama is. It’s the best way to stop it otherwise FF will just railroad it through while the people sleep.

Nah, we spotted Who’ll Take The Rap striking boldly out into the world a while ago… Ain’t him! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s exactly how I imagine pinsters look like in real life!

He was outside Government Buildings this morning.

An if some from FF had their way he might be inside government buildings this afternoon. :wink:

I wonder if he needed a limo to get himself around. Government Buildings to College Green is at least the same walk as T1 to T3 at Heathrow. Then again, he can’t expense it to the taxpayer. :angry:

Well done Sir.
I am sure some spirits of those that inhabited that college across the road are suitably impressed by your actions.

sir, if you are reading here, i salute you.
the world changes one person at a time.
today you brought change!


I immediately thought of Edmund Burke who’s statue looks over at where he was standing. I go to Wiki to look up a suitable quote, & here you go:

Yeah, we see alot of that from our FF & Green representatives don’t we… :unamused:

as do I.

Ditto. Fair play to you. 8)