Nama rejection could bring in the IMF, warns FitzGerald … ns-fitzge/

Nama will also, no doubt, have the effect of bolstering Sherry Fitzgerald´s viability going forward.

The “Fianna Gael” axis strikes again…

Is the IMF preferable to NAMA Garrett ?

IMF or NAMA? I think I’d take my chances with the IMF …

I wonder has Garrett the Good’s son applied for a valuer position with NAMA?

I’ll go for the IMF too. They will screw us all royally, not just the PAYE mugs that will be hit by NAMA and the Irish elite (that includes Garrett the good)…

I don’t think Garret is a VI, I just think he’s wrong.

The real trouble is that journalists, by and large, seem to be taking the government line. Shane Coleman spectacularly so- but then again he is Dermot Ahern’s brother in law- The gang of 46 are consequently finding it difficult, it seems to me, to spread the gospel.


What is wrong with the IMF?

At least they will make hard decisions quickly unlike the present Government that is showing no leadership and have spent the summer in hiding while the economy has collapsed around them.

The IMF would take decisions on topics such as property tax vs. stamp duty, numbers of public servants and their wage rates, high public service spending instead of ignoring the issues and hoping it will all get better. They would get spending in line with tax revenue. They would not be burdened by the plethora of vested interests that paralyses Fianna Fail into dithering, vacillating indecision.

The short, sharp shock of an IMF intervention, while painful, could be what this country needs to set it right. It would show the world that Ireland is willing to take the action to improve.

On rte radio 1 now


well, they might look at the lavish pensions and allowances to very very ex politicians as well as the salaries of those actualy doing some work…awful thought!

Garret = onside now. He is saying “stick with nurse for fear of worse”…but the present government is an economic Nurse Cadden

Yep. But better to light one candel etc. Whats needed now is for some of the prominent names that didnt sign that oped to come out and say something like “look , i didnt sign because X/Y/Z, but come on, nobody thinks we should pay what the governemnt are indicating they wanted to pay”…sorta thing.

Well they might decide to sell off the ESB and Bord Gais and water to the highest bidder, close down a number of hospitals and increase school class sizes, increase taxes accross the board not caring about what this will do to us for the next 20 years.
They could fire half the public service (i.e. a lot more than they should).

The IMF only care about one thing - bringing balance back to the public finances and they don’t care what our that means to a society.

Be very careful what you wish for.

How about…

Is that not exactly what we need?

Yes, but there are other considerations.

The IMF and the World Bank have an appalling record of putting ordinary folk at the sharp end of their reform agendas. It’s clear for a long time that they were populated by right wing ideologues who honestly believed that the millions their reform agendas plunged into poverty would thank them in the end. The IMF may have moved on from their Washington Consensus days but you can’t be sure.

Besides, as mentioned here before slash and burn policies in the civil service would only serve to deflate the economy further for minimal savings.

I think you have to ask yourself questions such as which body will be worse for the country/taxpayer NAMA or the IMF?

Will the conclusion of their implemented policies help or hinder Ireland/Taxpayer in the future?

Who will ultimately benefit from either organisation?

To me I think the answer is the IMF because I think Nama is onesided and only designed to help friends of FF and 8- the rest of us whereas the IMF may 8- everybody initially but ultimately everybody will benefit. So who would you rather get 8- by? The answer is obvious.

Seems perfectly reasonable to me. These are all decisions that should have been made long ago…

These kind of statements remind me of the guy who has run up huge credit card debts and spends twice as much as he earns and then refuses to cut back his spending because it will crimp his ‘lifestyle’.

The Irish government will spend 60 billion this year and take in 30 billion. The banking system is insolvent. Which part of the statement - the country is bankrupt - dont you understand.

Back in 2002 the government spend around 30 billion on providing crappy services and supporting an over paid public service and generous welfare. In 2009 the government will spend 60 billion on providing crappy services and supporting an even more over paid public service and even more generous welfare. All the IMF would do is cut back spending to 2002 levels, which is all the country can afford for the forseeable future.

Another point, I heard this obviously half doting oul fella on the radio this morning and not only was he wrong in what he was saying but why is he being interviewed as hes obviously too close a VI connection.
I think Margaret Thatcher was right about him all hes does is waffle and theres no substance to his arguement when placed under any scrutiny. Its off to the oul fellas home with you as your teeth would be of better service decorating the bottom of a glass. :unamused: