Nama says its a model for Spain ..... … z1wCZBO4ST



In honour of his Iraqi soundalike I henceforth nickname him Comical dALY

OK, we are where we are, but where the f*ck are we, Frank?

No idea, but I think I’ve found the ‘we’ he is talking about …

NAMA isn’t a bad bank. That’s the fucking problem.

Eh, does he not remember the last time we paraded ourselves around as a model for Europe. We ended up looking like gormless fuckwits. Although maybe we could defray some of the costs of his salary by sending him around Europe as a comedy act. He could intersperse his acts with video clips of Bertie promoting us as a model economy, while Frank makes quips about how we are a model basketcase.

?Dondé es mi NAMA

Europe is F*CKED!

We are still the envy of Europe!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah, everyone would like four million dutiful serfs all to themselves. 8DD

Can anyone tell me why bankia, a rag bag of regional banks is too big to fail.

Presumably for the same reasons that Anglo & the First Bank of Fingers was saved … because the people who fund the political campaigns of those who make those decisions, say so !

Do you have any evidence for this?

Cause if you don´t … you can find it here:

Por qué (casi) nadie quiere investigar Bankia … tigar.html

Very equal opportunities were our friends at Bankia. Right, left, extreme right, extreme left, unions, employers, royal family … anyone with power or with any possibility of having some.

Bankia did indeed put up the money for Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Real Madrid teammate Kaka … o-and-kaka

Unbelieveable … 42172.html … ermination

Spain’s property market gripped by new realism as prices plunge
Bargain-hunting Scandinavians and Russians replace British buyers as Spain faces up to banks’ toxic debts … NTCMP=SRCH

Whatever could he mean ? :angry:

He means ticket sales for the Frank Daly comedy show could be lacklustre.

ECB rejects Madrid plan to boost Bankia … index.html