NAMA selling Dundrum Town Centre loans for €1bn

NAMA selling Dundrum Town Centre loans in deal worth more than €1bn … 04597.html

Never realised Fundrum was in NAMA.

150,000sqf? An indo misprint? 1,500,000 more likely? I’ve been outta Ireland a long time, and never been to Dundrum, both those rent roll numbers seem crazy. E333 psqf per year, surely not.


Total retail floor area: 79,000 square metres (850,000 sq ft)

Allowing for circulation and services, CBMD’s number sounds more like it, or else 1 is next to 8, if you have very thick fingers.

Still full of shops selling stuff I’d never buy…

I loathe and detest the place. Just saying. Want to get it off my chest.

Loike O.M.G. :open_mouth:

Was pleasantly surprised by the quality and price of the food in Rock Lobster a while back, other than that the place is a shithole

You’ve got it all wrong. Think of it as a magnet for all that’s wrong with retail, on both the retailer and customer side, diverting them conveniently out of your way :slight_smile:

So Dundrum* is approx. equal in value to Aer Lingus? If so what does that tell us?

  • ownership of loans v ownership of airline not exactly the same but neither is the price (1 v 1.3 bn)

It’s better than most malls, which maybe isn’t saying much. Good amount of natural light, and a variation in the topography. It also has a reasonably well designed restaurant area outside, plus cinema etc. All in all, you can see why it’s popular.