NAMA Staff - Links to Property - Conflicts of Interest

Might be useful to have a thread dedicated to NAMA Staff and their prior links to the property and conflicts of interest

It is so ncie to see That Ken Rohans daughter has secured a job with NAMA The champagne corks must really be popping in the Bars around town.
Would it not be just easier to line up the developers on a friday and just hand them a cheque each for ther properties and say all debts now forgiven ! !
At least it would cut out the charade

See the Todays Sunday Indo for details

More of the same which would be much better reported if the NAMAWINELAKE blog was still up and running. … 13775.html

it would appear that some property professionals stay with NAMA just long enough to familiarise themselves with the processes in place before moving to the other side of the negotiating table.
Whether they root around on NAMAs interest in specific properties before trying to secure them for their new employers I just can’t say.
There is an apparent conflict of interest here irrespective of whether it is real or not and NAMA employment contracts should have a restriction on who people can work for after leaving NAMA for a period of time.


But we can expect to see more NAMA employees heading to the private sector when pay is reduced under the Haddington Road Agreement.

I agree that your solution would be easier and we could put a lot of politicians in the line up also including a few ex party leaders past and present, however another solution would be to line them all up on a Monday just after dawn and do something cheaper.

Either they suck it up or move to UK… nothing here for these employees… at least salary wise.

Another report on staff turnover at NAMA with a brief list of employees who have left recently.

and another … 61270.html

NAMA will need less staff as it sells of loan portfolios to investment funds.
It is a business that is scheduled to wind down over a relatively short period.
If NAMA sells certain loans then it is to be hoped that the buyer will take the NAMA staff dealing with those loans. NAMA shuld insit on it if at all possible.

Why would an employee accept a contract that says they cannot work in a similar job in Ireland for 6 months after leaving when their job is scheduled to disappear at any time in the next few years. Such a clause is likely to be legally unenforcable as being disproportionate and possibly in contravention of a person’s right to earn a living. Confidentiality clauses on the other hand are legally enforcable if not practically enforcable.